From the Desk of Salim Omar, CPA . . .

For practitioners who want to build their dream practice with personal help from me . . . 

Would You Like Me to Personally Help You Double or Triple Your Quality Client Flow, Boost Your Profits and Slash Your Working Hours?

Dear St. Louis SuperConference Attendee,

I’m looking for a small group of practitioners that attended my recent SuperConference who want to double or triple their client flow, boost profits and reduce your stress and work hours.

I'm talking about you making a lot more money. You having more free time. You having the practice of your dreams... and... You having all of it... and more... with personal help from me.

If you qualify, I will personally work with you and your team to develop and implement a proven practice-building system designed to double your client flow, double your income and work less.

Here’s what it’s all about:

You just spent 3 days at my recent St. Louis “Gateway to Success” SuperConference. You gathered a lot of new ideas that you want to implement into your practice.

However, you may not have a specific and detailed plan of action…exactly what to do each week and each month to reach your goals.

So many people come to a seminar, write down a bunch of great ideas, but they never get implemented.

In some cases, it may be because you don’t know where to start.

In other cases, you may run into questions and need a little help from experienced practitioners who have already faced similar challenges.

A definitive plan of action identifies your 3 BIG ROCKS (projects) that will have the highest impact on your practice and move you closer to your one year goals.   Many practitioners waste valuable time and energy because they are working on the wrong rocks.

You need a step-by-step implementation plan, and someone to hold you accountable to make sure these new ideas and goals get implemented in the most efficient way possible.

Because, let’s face it . . . "Life" is going to happen. The barrage of personal and practice needs and demands of your time and attention will side track you. And with each passing day, you’re going to lose sight of your goals.

It is the predominant reason most practice owners only make dismal progress from one year to another.

You can avoid that with personal help from me and my team.

Now you can with personal help from me and my team.

Introducing . . .

The "120 Day Gateway to Success" Coaching Program

The Gateway to Success Coaching Program was created so my team and I can personally help attendees of my recent SuperConference who are serious about taking their practice to the next level, to fine tune their 120 day action plans and provide the support, tools and accountability so it gets implemented.

Every CPA practice owner needs to master these 3 areas:

  • Develop a CLIENT ATTRACTION system that brings a consistent stream of quality clients
  • Adopt STREAMLINED OPERATIONS to maximize efficiency, productivity and profits
  • Build a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM you can fully rely on

During the “Gateway to Success” coaching program, we’ll develop your 3 BIG ROCKS for your 120 Action Plan from the lens of these 3 areas.

Who This Is For?

This coaching program is only for practitioners who:

  • Want to create an enjoyable, profitable practice that translates into long-term profits for the rest of the year.
  • Get that it’s about working smart, not just long and hard
  • Want to build a team of champions
  • Are prepared for me to coach them and their team to create their own dream lifestyle practice

Here are the EIGHT Reasons YOU Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the 120 Day Gateway to Success Coaching Program . . .

#1: "60 Minute One on One Private Intensive Call" ($697 Value)

A 60-MINUTE PRIVATE one-on-one coaching call with just you and me to kick off your coaching membership and crystalize your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), one year goals and the next 120 Action Plan.

Before our call, you will complete my confidential 6 page Roadmap to Success Blueprint so I can identify the opportunities and obstacles within your practice.  During our call, you and I will become crystal clear what your 3 BIG ROCKS should be for the next 120 days.  Together we will map out the exact steps for success with each of the rocks.

We’ll fill in the “Who, What, Why and How” for each project.  At the end of the call, you will have clarity and confidence like you’ve never had before on exactly what needs to be done, how it’s going to be done and who will do it.

Even if you are a one-person band or have a staff that is already operating at full capacity, we will make a plan together to free up time so you have a team that is contributing to the success of the practice.

#2: "Monthly One on One Calls" ($1,997 Value)

Each month during the program, you’ll get on the phone for 20 minutes with me to track your progress, where you’re succeeding, where you’re struggling and any questions you may have.  

I have seen many practitioners lose their momentum and focus when they get stuck.  During these calls, I will help you to get “un-stuck” when you run into an obstacle or seemingly brick wall.  These quick, fast paced calls ensures you are on track and clear about your action steps.

#3: "Monthly Implementation Webinars" ($1,997 Value)

Each month during the program, we’ll have a 90 minute monthly advanced training group webinar. These webinars will be some “teaching” (30%) and mostly “doing” (70%). We’ll cover the following:

  • Identify your ideal client and their $100k problem. I will show you examples of successful niches and industry specific problems faced by that niche. By the end of this training, you will be certain of the niche you want to attract clients in and the 3 best ways to reach that niche.
  • Services package design and fees for your niche. We will customize a unique service package with the right fee structure for your niche.
  • Identifying your WHY – We’ll dive into you core purpose, BHAG, 3 to 5 years and one year goals. We’ll create your “unique message” that speaks to your ideal client.
  • Building your Championship Team. We’ll identify who your next hire should be and work through the “people analyser” tool, will determine the keepers. You’re your teams’ involvement, we’ll develop your firms’ core values.
  • Systems that will streamline your operations – Finally, let’s get documented systems and procedures in your practice. I’ll guide you to have your team members create 10 procedures each and every month using my easy to follow templates.

#4: Private Coaching Member Facebook Forum ($997 Value)

Have questions? You have access to me with your monthly calls and email support. But your help doesn’t end here. You’ll also be added to an exclusive “Member’s Clients Only” Facebook group to get feedback on your plans from other high-level practitioners who are 100% focused on growing their practice quickly…using the same step-by-step systems you’re following.

You’ll never feel alone in this program. You have access to me. And you have access to other peers with the same goals and focus!

This is a “judgement free” zone! In this group we support each other, so this is a safe place to ask your questions and get feedback on something you are working on.

#5: Momentum Accountability Webinars ($397 Value)

Two times during the program, coaching members will get together for a group webinar (phone and shared computer screen). During the first part of the Momentum webinar, you will report on the progress you are making on your 120 day action plan

According to research on human psychology, one of the biggest motivators we have as human beings is looking good in front of our peers. The Momentum webinars do exactly that, each coaching member getting in front of the room to face and front up on the results they have had.

The second part of the webinar is time for “HOT SEATS” where a coaching members are solved through the collective power of the mastermind.  Some of the biggest challenges and self-limiting beliefs can be solved in a fraction of the time with the help of a mastermind.

Here are the some the challenges and self-limiting beliefs that members have gotten help with:

  • “I barely have time as it is!”
  • “I tried that, but it didn’t work!”
  • “My team members won’t cooperate.”
  • “My Clients will never agree to this.”
  • “This is totally out of my comfort zone.”

Have you ever said/thought any of the above phrases? Well, these webinars are going to help you combat those dark, self-limiting beliefs.

#6: Access to the Coaching Members Center ($997 Value)

This includes unlimited access for you and your team and includes videos, forms, templates, presentations, proposals, recordings, scripts and checklists developed internally by my team to make your implementation process easier.

Here’s a partial list of the trainings/materials you will find in the Coaching Members Center:

  • Firing, Hiring and Onboarding Team Members
  • Tax Test for Hiring Accountants
  • Defining and Reaching Your Ideal Clients
  • Salim’s Super Client Conversion System
  • Onboarding a New Client
  • Creating Systems and Procedures

#7: Coaching Mastermind Day ($697 Value)

Towards the end of the program, we’ll get together in New Jersey for a one day mastermind. This is an all-day meeting with practitioners from this coaching program.

You’ll report on your accomplishments and wins.  You will hear other coaching members sharing their successes.  Together, we’ll chart out your next 120 Action Plan.  It’s a jam-packed day to enable you to celebrate your successes with your peers and plan your three big rocks for the next 120 days.  Practitioners that have gone through this in the past have said this is the single most powerful thing they’ve ever gone through.   

The evening before the Coaching Mastermind Day, I will host a networking dinner just for coaching members.  It’s a great time to kick back, relax, share tools and resources and build long lasting friendships with fellow coaching members.

#8: "Unlimited Email Access to Salim" ($597 Value)

Have unlimited access to ask your pressing questions and have me as your personal sounding board for the entire length of the program.

Whether you are dealing with an employee situation, a new client sign up or whatever else you would like my input on, shoot me an email and I will respond to you in a timely way.

This type of access is only for coaching members and reasonable person's standards are expected to avoid misuse of this privilege.

Roger Menden, CPA

“We joined the program for better processes but though it, we determined our pricing is not where it should be.

The GPG coaching program has opened our eyes to so many opportunities for improvement in our practice aside from the original intent of the program.

We added $179,681 in new revenue in one year! "

Roger Menden, CPA

In a nutshell, all these EIGHT REASONS are designed to help you see AN IMMEDIATE, INSTANT FINANCIAL WINDFALL, and PROFIT JACKPOT while working the least number of days and hours in your practice.

You'll Also Receive This AMAZING SUPER BONUS:

Your Choice of ONE of My Super Training Programs ($1,997 Value)

That's right! You get to choose ONE of my 6 Week, Online Training Program from these three: 

  1. 7 Figure Practice Formula: This is one of my most popular Training Programs that covers all aspects of your practice from systems to team building to client attraction. 
  2. Client Attraction Machine: If you're looking for a program that focuses solely on growing your practice with high quality clients, then this is the one for you. This program does a deep dive into my most successful client attraction strategies.  
  3. The Ultimate Process, Productivity and Profits Academy: This program is unique because it focuses on building a championship team and have a track for both the owner and your team members. 

All 3 of these programs are 6 modules long and come with their own set of SURPRISE bonuses. They are online and completely self-paced. Also, there yours forever, so you can come back to them for years to come!

Salim and other Coaching Member's Masterminding During a Coaching Mastermind Day.

OK Salim, I can see how coaching can help grow my profits and cash flow without breaking my back . . .

So, what is the investment?

Well, let me ask you . . . 

How Much Is This Worth To You?

How much is it worth to you to get a back-door access to me.

How much is it worth to you to master the exact steps that will show you how to take more time off this year while making more profits than you ever have?

How much is it worth to you to be handed a roadmap that will guide you away from constant stress and worry and into a place where so few of our colleagues ever get to experience…FREEDOM?

How much is it worth to you to have the pride of owning and operating your own financially successful Accounting and Tax Firm and NOT being owned by IT?

How much is it worth to you to have extra money in your pockets all of the time... and never have to worry about whether you can afford something or not?

How much is it worth to you to have happy, raving clients?

In my opinion, it should ultimately cost you zero ...even if I charge a fortune - assuming you put it to work for you, follow the instructions, and start getting the results I want for you.

Like the old saying goes, it only takes one good client to pay for itself.

With the annual fees of each of my business clients averaging anywhere between $4,000 to $10,000 per year…you just need ONE to make to make this system pay for itself?

Do you think you can get just ONE client if you followed the same step-by-step blueprint I’ve used to generate hundreds of QUALITY, HIGH VALUE clients each and every year?

Add 10 extra free hours per week that you can use to enjoy with your family? Over the span of 4 months…that’s over 160 hours of free time that you can use to create memories that will have more meaning to you in your later life than doing tax work.

Give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have a PROVEN game plan that’ll eliminate tens of stressful hours each week and make your entire practice produce 3x the results in half the time.

Fact is, this coaching program shows you how to maximize the most profitable period for an accounting and tax practice….where one simple idea can create a massive windfall for you…And show you how to do it while working less so that you can spend more time with your family, enjoying hobbies, or whatever you choose to do with your time without EVER worrying about your practice falling apart because you’re not there.

My Coaching Programs typically run as high as $16,000 - $18,000 per year.

But You will NOT Be Paying Anywhere Close To That Today!

Investment for the Gateway to Success Coaching Program is $4,997

As an attendee at the recent St. Louis SuperConference, you will get a full credit of $1,000.

This means your investment today is only: $3,997

One Payment Of $3,997 
(or 4 Easy Payments of $1,125)


PLUS you get the SUPER BONUS worth $1,997 for free!

Hurry, This Program Closes Friday, June 23, 2017

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If you don’t get a 3X ROI on your investment in this coaching program, let us know and we will refund 100% of your money back. I am confident this will have a huge impact on your practice and will catapult you to even greater success down the line.

This coaching program is the most important, money making, practice building, wealth creating experience you have ever been offered.

A bold statement perhaps, but a true statement nevertheless. And I believe I can make this bold, brash statement, because it’s my reputation, my honor, and my credibility on the line...not yours.

In fact, this program is limited to only 8 coaching members because of the amount of time I will personally invest into each members' individual practice. If you're serious about growing your practice this year, click the button below now.

To Your Lifestyle Practice,


Keith Heil, CPA

"We joined the Coaching Program because we needed to move forward in growing the firm successfully. This program has helped us stay intentional in regard to growth and organization and feel a stronger sense of accomplishment.

We have also seen a revenue increase of $75,369 in just ONE year."

Keith Heil, CPA

Here’s a QUICK recap of Everything you’re getting AGAIN:

You have nothing to lose…and so much money and time to gain.

GET IT NOW FOR ONLY $3,997 (or 4 payments of $1,125)

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How Salim feels after another AWESOME day in his practice!

Here's What Others Are Saying . . . 

Salim is very knowledgeable, very personable, very interested in people – not only his clients, but the coaching prospects who come to the conferences.

He’s genuinely sincere in helping people succeed through their practices. I definitely can have a testament to that in the fact that the practice that I had when I first started with him had about 150 clients and now I’m up over 400 clients in a matter of 2 – 2 and a half years.

From the standpoint that that has also helped me afford some things in a lifestyle. My oldest daughter is graduating this year and we’re taking a trip to England and France, which is probably something that I never could have done.

Dan Henn, CPA

Since joining the Coaching Program, myself and my practice are much happier.  The program has helped us set goals and kept us accountable.  Systems have helped us get work out quicker which results in happier clients.

Also, the Coaching Program has resulted in a 46.9% increase in revenues in just one year!

Retha Valderas, CPA

The GPG Coaching Program has opened my eyes to new opportunities. I have added $245,253 in new revenues in less that one year, and my net profit increased by 80.39%.

Talita Camilo, CPA

I am happy to report that Salim methods have led to a huge increase in my practice and a happier lifestyle. As part of his coaching group, I have already had a six figure increase in revenues this year.

Peter Holtz, CPA