2020 Post-Tax Season Mastermind:

Increase Your Income, Catapult Your Cash Flow, and Stand Out in these Challenging Times

with Salim Omar, CPA

The 2020 tax season was unique and DIFFICULT in many different ways. Between the changing tax deadlines, new rules and regulations, and overarching fears of the pandemic and its effects on the economy, practitioners are now left exhausted, and derailed.

As we all look positively toward the future, now is the time to build and execute a solid game plan to help you exhale, rebuild, and recover as you prepare for the rest of the year and beyond...and what better way to do it than with other practitioners who are facing the same challenges?

In this one-hour mastermind webinar, you'll hear brand new training along with an interactive discussion with other practitioners.

I share with you the top post-tax season breakthroughs and tips to help you get back on track in this challenging economy. We then discuss and brainstorm ways to increase your income, catapult your cash flow, and stand out in your market, even in the changing times.

You'll leave with a clear plan on what to do and how to do it, in a step-by-step manner so that you are not merely surviving but you are THRIVING in the remaining months of 2020.


  • 1

    Develop clear, actionable steps to create a strong and effective game plan that keeps profits and cash rolling in for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

  • 2

    Create a post-tax season client attraction machine to grow with new, high quality clients.

  • 3

    Improve your firm pricing strategy to align with those used by the Top 5% of CPA firms.

  • 4

    Create a results-driven team and culture that share your goals and operates in high gear even when you’re not around.

  • 5

    Identify and systematize the critical tasks in your practice so you see an immediate and positive impact on your time and money.

  • 6

    Brainstorm and discuss ways to overcome your biggest fears and challenges without compromising your productivity or profits.


  • "Excellent webinar - presented actionable concepts that should allow for improving my practice."
  • "Excellent, informative and timely tool to increase practice volume. We should have many more of these kinds of webinars. Thank you."
  • "Amazing, insightful, and informative."
  • "Great points made by Mr. Omar that would help our practices to be more efficient and profitable!"
  • "Excellent information. Very relevant."
  • "Great and informative presentation and presenter - Learned a lot!"


About Salim Omar, CPA


Salim is a best selling author, thought leader and mentor for CPA firms. He is considered by many as THE “CPA Practice Coach” because he owns and runs a CPA practice so he understands what it takes to create and sustain a successful firm.


Salim was once at rock bottom in own practice with $100,000 in debt, low quality clients, an unreliable team and working 60 to 80-hour weeks. He knew there had to be another way. That realization led to a 10-year journey where he invested in himself and got educated by some of the world’s best business minds. He put his research to the test in his own practice and in the process, transformed his own practice and created “The Genius Model”.