3 Power Moves to Propel Your Practice Into High Gear

with Salim Omar, CPA

This year has been a rough one for practitioners. For many, revenues took a hit as they had to quickly adjust to a new environment and a new way of connecting and serving their clients.

As practice owners continue to positively look forward into the future, it’s vital to have a solid plan for rebuilding and getting your team, your operations, and your cash flow back on track.

In this informational webinar, you’ll learn three power moves that will accelerate your progress and propel your practice back into high gear.


  • 1

    The simple, yet powerful system that lets you restructure your fees while BOOSTING your profits, REDUCING your practice costs, and INCREASING your clientele.

  • 2

    The keys to setting your practice apart in a competitive, changing, and challenging environment while keeping quality referrals rolling in.

  • 3

    The 3 proven strategies to create and maintain a high-performing championship team so that you can boost your bottom line and knock your revenue goals out of the park.


  • "Great ideas shared!"
  • "This is the best practice development seminar I've seen."
  • "Another great webinar by Salim, who blends enthusiasm with a positive attitude."
  • "This webinar information is wonderful! I will soon start my own practice so now I will have the tools to avoid many errors."
  • "Salim Omar presented well and gave lots of ideas to get started and make plans to move forward to grow my practice."


About Salim Omar, CPA


Salim is a best selling author, thought leader and mentor for CPA firms. He is considered by many as THE “CPA Practice Coach” because he owns and runs a CPA practice so he understands what it takes to create and sustain a successful firm.


Salim was once at rock bottom in own practice with $100,000 in debt, low quality clients, an unreliable team and working 60 to 80-hour weeks. He knew there had to be another way. That realization led to a 10-year journey where he invested in himself and got educated by some of the world’s best business minds. He put his research to the test in his own practice and in the process, transformed his own practice and created “The Genius Model”.