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Before you spend any money on marketing, it is important to first have a Championship Team in place.

Once you have your team, you will need to create a communication platform where you can meet with your team on a regular basis.

A communication platform allows you to have a two-way dialogue to talk about goals, challenges, and the plan going forward.


Here are three tips for creating an effective communication platform for your team:


Do not skip meetings:

Get it on the schedule and make it a part of your regular routine.


Become clear on the purpose of the meeting:

The purpose shouldn’t be to share what is NOT working well, but instead to provide an opportunity to discuss what IS working in terms of your successes, wins, and progresses.


Come from a place of serving/heart-centered leadership:

As a leader, you need to make your meetings about the TEAM, not you.

Make your team feel valued, inspired, and empowered.





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