Posted on: August 09, 2021 CPA practice development, Grow CPA practice, Team


When you’re bringing on a new team member-- whether they’re an admin, staff accountant, or tax preparer-- keep these three things in mind:


Be patient

It takes about 6 months for the team member to get to know their role and become a master.

Keep in mind that it’s a process and plan it out this way (expectations and training).


Have your team help you through the process of onboarding

Have your team embrace and welcome them through the process.

Your new team member shouldn’t feel alone through the process!

Hold meetings and prep your team for their arrival ahead of time.


Have documented systems in place

Have things documented so that the team member has something to refer to if they forget a step.


By making sure your onboarding process is solid, you can help team members stay excited and propel them to want to do better.

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