The road to success is paved
with urgent and massive

- Salim Omar, CPA

About Salim

Salim has spent the last 21 years uncovering the keys to success of any CPA firm. He’s used his financial expertise and his own struggles in the early years of starting and growing his CPA practice as a springboard for understanding the success principles that create accounting firms that are profitable, respected and fun for their employees.

After going $100,000 into debt in his first 5 years in practice, Salim made it his mission to transform his struggling practice into a highly profitable, 12+ person firm that it is today. Best of all, he works only a few days a week while his practice continues to grow.

He is the author of the popular book, The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy and has been featured in a range of prestigious publications such as The CPA Journal, Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager and on the cover of Accounting Today.

Salim is considered by many as the #1 advisor and thought leader for small and mid-sized accounting firms.

He is the leading mentor and coach
for Practitioners all over the World.

He hosts specialty events for practitioners and enlists
some of the top minds to share their ideas

Salim is a CPA just like YOU, who takes the time to teach the systems and processes he has perfected in his own thriving practice.

Salim is dedicated
to his family, friends
and community.