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Of the biggest complains that small business owners have about their CPAs is that the CPA doesn’t stay in touch. There are dozens of ways to stay in touch like birthday cards, anniversary cards, newsletters, emails, etc. which I get in depth in my Genius CPA Marketing System.

In this blog post, I want to convey a very important idea. It is for you to get used to the idea that it’s your job to keep in touch with your clients, rather than waiting for them to call when they need services or advice.

I’ll ask you to think about this from a client’s point of view. A friend of mine recently hired a local mover to help her with an in-town move. Before the date on which the move was scheduled to occur, the mover phoned twice to make sure everything was still on schedule and to ask whether there was anything additional that she might need help with. After the move was completed, the mover sent my friend a hand-written note, thanking her for her business and wishing her well in her new job (which he remembered from his discussion with her). My friend has strongly recommended this mover to everyone since then, and the communication was a large part of what made her feel so positive about him.

What professionals have you worked with who kept in touch with you and made an impression?

What was it about that communication that made it special?

Make some notes for your own future reference, especially of any contact ideas that you think might work with your own clients.

In my accounting practice, we have created a touch plan that consists of 60 - to 70 touches per year, above and beyond the time when we service the client. The results are a high retention rate and a ton of referrals.

Share with the CPA community the number of touches you have in your CPA practice.


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