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Your clients pay you for your services.  So what more are they obliged to do for you?

Well, nothing, really.  But when you build strong relationships with your clients, you might be surprised by how much they’re willing to do to help you.  Yes, you can have clients that get downright excited about supporting your practice.   It happens for me all the time, and it can happen for you, too.

However, as I mentor CPA practice owners throughout the year, I find that in all their enthusiasm to build stellar client partnerships, they’re also tripping over some common mistakes.  Learn from them and avoid these missteps:

  1. Failing to ask for a referral or testimonial. Clients really do enjoy being helpful.  Believe this.  They also love being able to provide helpful information to their friends.  Asking for a referral or testimonial from a satisfied client shows that you recognize the influence they have over their own network.
  2. Assuming clients don’t know anyone. Your clients are more connected than you think.  That whole “six degrees of separation” theory – that everyone on the planet is connected by six people or less – just happens to be true.  Never assume your client doesn’t know anyone else who could potentially be a future client.   You’ll be doing yourself a disservice.
  3. Assuming a client will give a testimonial or referral without your asking. Your clients may be jazzed to help you out, but they’re also incredibly busy.  Any given client may genuinely want to refer your practice to others, but it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and forget.  In the case of giving you a testimonial, they simply might not know how to do it.  Devise systems to make it as easy as possible for clients to assist you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for your clients’ help.  As long as you’re considerate and sincere, most won’t feel imposed upon.  Your good relationships will remain intact, and your good reputation will go out into the world, multiplying your success.

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