If you’re more than just a number crunching CPA that is busy doing it, doing it, doing it! If you’re a CPA that wants to create a practice that will give you…


Then a 45 minute strategy session with me could change your life.

Over the last decade, I’ve reinvented my practice, a 360` transformation. From working long hours, struggling with low paying clients and a mediocre team to what I refer to as, a lifestyle practice.

A practice that enables me to work only 2 days a week. (YEP, 2, that wasn’t a typo), a championship team in place I can rely on and streamlined operations for optimal efficiency and profits.

I’ve established the practice of my dreams and now I am helping other firm owners do the same.

Are you ready to play at a much higher level?

Key Benefits of Coaching with Salim

  • Customized BluePrint For Your Practice to Increase Profits.
  • Dependable Team of Champions That You Can Rely On
  • Targeted Marketing Plan That Will Constantly Attract High Quality Clients.
  • Processes & Procedures To Efficiently Run Your Practice.
  • Community Of Like Minded Practitioners That Help Each Other Grow.
  • Accountability That Ensures Results and Implementation.
  • Expert Advice From Salim And His Team On Your Biggest Obstacles


We joined the program for better processes but throughout it we determined that our pricing was NO where it should be. We added $179,681 in new revenue in one year.

Roger Menden, CPA

Working with the GPG Coaching Group has given me the clarity I need to work with my existing employees as far as giving them the same vision so they can start taking on some of the work that I was doing, which frees me up to grow the business instead of working in the business.

Also, doing goal setting which is something we’ve never done before. I’m doing weekly strategy meetings which I would have never done before without the clarity and focus from Salim’s group.

Dale Hammernik, CPA

I am happy to report that Salim methods have led to a huge increase in my practice and a happier lifestyle. As part of his coaching group, I have already had a six figure increase in revenues this year.

Peter Holtz, CPA

“I added $243,254 in new revenues in less than one year.”

Talita Camilo, CPA

“I had the BEST TAX SEASON I have had in 14 years.”

Sonu Shukla, CPA

“Since joining Salim’s program we have also seen a revenue increase of $75,369.”

Keith Heil, CPA

You Need to Ask Yourself…

Am I ready to have the practice I always dreamed of owning?

For the FIRST 37 Practitioners to Respond ONLY

"Can One Simple Conversation REALLY Unlock $50,000 in NEW Easy-to-Access 100% Untapped Practice Revenue?"

Here’s Your Chance to Have a FREE ‘Peek Behind the Curtain’ and Dis-cover How I Helped 417 Practitioners Add Between $50,000-$200,000 MORE In 12 Months or LESS!

From : Salim Omar, CPA
To: All Practitioners Looking to Accelerate Wealth and Freedom

If You Are:

  • Underwhelmed with your practice results...
  • Sick of living beneath the lifestyle you deserve...
  • Stuck at a low Six-Figure yearly revenues and can’t seem to break out of it
  • Annoyed with all the opportunities slipping through your fingers...

I urge you to read on…

$50,000 in EXTRA practice revenue may be a bold claim, but what you’re about to discover will show you how you can easily unlock at least that amount (and potentially a lot more).

You may be busy, but are you so busy you can’t find the time to pick up that additional revenue that’s slipping through your fingers?

Besides, you know that $50,000 will help you:

  • Payoff debt
  • Give yourself and your loved ones a nice vacation
  • Put a down payment on a new house or a new car
  • Make an impact for your favorite charity

The point is... One conversation can do exactly what I’m suggesting —
In fact, I Guarantee it!

For the FIRST 37 Practitioners To Respond Only

I’m Salim Omar and...

In the past 14 years, I’ve grown my own practice to over 7-figures (while I spend most of my time away from it).

In addition, at this point I’ve coached hundreds of practitioners successfully add $10,000 to $50,000+ to their monthly revenue (yes, monthly, not yearly).

Throughout my journey, I've had to solve a lot of problems that come with growing a CPA practice either through my own painful trial and error or through investing several hundred thousand dollars on mentors, coaches, and exclusive masterminds.

I did find solutions to the biggest obstacles holding practitioners back today and the thing is…Getting here took WAY too long…

If I Only Had A Road Map That Provided a Simple, Predictable Proven Path

And that’s what I’m offering you today. No matter what your starting point is, we’ll provide you with FREEDOM through a proven ROAD MAP to take your practice to the next level, whatever that is for you.

What If You Could Have A Road Map For:

  • A consistent source of new high quality clients to keep your practice and cash flow growing.
  • A team that can operate your entire practice without you, so you can disappear for weeks at a time and still know you’ll be making as much, if not more, revenue when you return.
  • A practice where you CHOOSE the kinds of clients you want to work with, the number of days you’re in the office, and charge the right fees instead of having your back against a wall and spending 12+ hours a day stressed, worried, and uncertain about client flow and cash flow.

During your coaching session, we’ll guide you to the path that you will follow to achieve true time and money freedom as a practitioner. Most practice owners, past and present have sought out to create their own successful practice. But few have done it in a way that has left them with a healthy, profitable and systems driven practice that doesn’t consume their time and life’s enjoyment away.

What can a 45-Minute “Road Map to Freedom” Coaching Session do for you?

1. ROADMAP … Developing a Clear Plan to Scale Your Practice and Prof-its

The most important part of building a sustainable practice is knowing where you are now and creating an effective plan of attack to move forward. Having clarity regarding your future is critical to lay the groundwork necessary to achieve the profound, meaningful, and life-changing increases in your practice.

2. MARKETING … Systematically Attracting Quality Clients

To scale your practice, you must be able to systematically attract high quality clients. Whether it is online or offline, you must have a consistent inflow of new high quality leads.

3. SALES … Building a Lead Conversion Machine That Works Even When You Don’t

In order to be able to optimize your own sales efforts, you must have a repeat-able sales process in place. Everything from the scripts you use on the phone to the presentations you give face-to-face to your prospects, you must begin to look at the sales function in your business as a system rather than something that is a one off.

4. OPERATIONS … Consistently & Systematically Deliver FIVE STAR Services

This is where you deliver on the promises you make to your clients. In order to create clients for life, you must be able to deliver a world class client experi-ence. By having processes in place and a systematic way of executing those processes, only then is it possible to deliver a repeatable five star service to your clients.

5. FINANCE … Knowing Your Numbers to Achieve Financial Freedom

You must know your numbers or you can’t afford to be in business. You need to know the key performance metrics (growth metrics) you must focus on to ensure your practice is in good health and to keep growing it.

6. PEOPLE … Finding Great People & Enlisting Them in Your Vision

Having the right people in the right seats is critical to your success in building a leveraged CPA firm. The process of identifying talent and inspiring them to play at a higher level is the key to building a great team. Results will be spo-radic at best unless you learn how to lead and manage people and hold them accountable. Said another way, you will only be as good as your own leader-ship abilities will allow you to be.

Our objective during this 45-Minute Coaching Strategy Call is to give you the framework of what it takes to have a strong practice that systematically gener-ates new quality leads, loyal clients, highly efficient systems, and an all-star team. It is the only way to build a sustainable profitable practice.

For the FIRST 37 Practitioners To Respond Only

“50,000 Worth of Opportunities You’re Missing Out On”

As part of your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION and 100% CUSTOMIZED coach-ing
session, we’ll review the various constraints that are holding you back and how to break through the bottlenecks you’re experiencing. The RoadMap to Freedom session is the first and most important step in your journey to revolu-tionize your practice.

We’ll highlight each of the areas you are missing out on, or where your results have been hobbled due to inefficient systems, insufficient controls, or ineffec-tive people. End result, you’ll enjoy…

  • More Money
  • More Happy Clients
  • More Referrals
  • More Comradery and Coordination
  • More Time
  • More Freedom

The best part is that these strategies that you’ll discover during your compli-mentary phone session are so simple, you won’t feel confused or overwhelmed at any moment during our call because you’ll be getting an easy to implement action plan. However, don’t let the fact that they’re “easy-to- use” lead you to underestimate their potency. The elegance is in the simplicity. Each one of these strategies can rapidly vault your income by $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or more (not a bad return on a short 45- minute investment)

It took me (and a full team of people) years to figure out what it takes to truly build a sustainable, predictable practice.

Your Success May Depend on Your Next Decision

I can’t tell what you will do after reading this letter. I can tell you what the really smart practitioners will do (at least those who truly want to be successful)... they drop everything to be one of the “fortunate 37” who will register for their own “RoadMap to Freedom.”

Through this ONE exercise, you will be shown where the EASIEST to ACCESS, BIGGEST AREAS OF OPPORTUNITY are... and how to go about seizing on that potential. Because... your practice’s success is not based on what you know or what you want... it’s based on what you do and how you do it.

For these fortunate few, I will take you by the hand and guide you, hand- in-hand, step-by-step through the process of turning your practice into a thriving client-centered practice. More importantly, your success is GUARANTEED.

I Will Not Waste Your Time --Guarantee:

I know we’re just getting to know one another, but I know you’re a busy practitioner. That’s why it’s important that you understand how much I val-ue your time, which is also why, if you’re one of the first 37 CPA’s to re-spond to this letter, I will guarantee that the RoadMap to Freedom process will uncover AT LEAST $50,000 in untapped, ready to pick up potential in your practice.

Click on the button below now to…


PS: With all the possible explanations why practitioners fail to take advantage of all the opportunities around them, THE THREE MOST COMMON ARE:

1. You’re blind to it... meaning either you can’t see it/ you don’t know where to look, or…
2. You’re staring it in the face and can’t figure out how to “eat the elephant.”
3. You’re afraid of making a mistake.

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what the reason is (good or bad), the results are still the same:

Clients work with someone else instead of you, your practice goes without the increased revenue, and you continue to turn a blind eye to all the opportunities in your practice. That’s why you need a Road Map.

For the FIRST 37 Practitioners To Respond Only