Salim Omar is the innovative, forward thinking, premiere, Practice Coach, that will turn your struggling practice into a Million Dollar CPA Firm. Salim gives you the strategies, methods, and procedures, he has put into place over the last 21 years in his own practice, so that you can have more profits, impact and freedom.

He specializes in attracting high quality of clients in your target market through personalized marketing approaches.

He has perfected the process of establishing core values of your firm to create a work culture that is enjoyable to run and fun for employees.

With Salim as your coach, you are making the choice to have a personalized approach to your practice’s success.

INCREASE revenues, OBTAIN a deeper sense of purpose, and GAIN ample time to work on your practice versus in your practice.

Key Benefits of Coaching

  • Gain Clarity on Your Core Values and Purpose of Your Practice
  • Become an Effective Leader of Your Practice
  • Achieve Your Financial Goals by Working with High Quality Clients
  • Join a Community of Like Minded Practitioners that Help Each other Grow
  • Receive Personal Advice and Coaching from a CPA and practice owner that has been through it all!

Every Practice owner needs help

Let Salim, the CPA Practice Coach, help you:

  • Create a structured and systemized practice that runs like a well oiled machine.
  • Enjoy coming to work and running your practice.
  • Work with a championship team that support your goals and live your values.
  • Serve high quality clients that are enjoyable to work with and for.
  • Receive the fees you deserve for a more profitable future.
  • Fulfill the dream that you have had for your practice.