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As a CPA practice owner, no doubt you want your practice to grow.  You may even have considered generating some self-publicity to help promote your firm.  And that’s a great idea.

It’s important for ambitious practitioners like you to understand the importance of promoting yourself as an expert in your field.

Joan Stewart, also known as the Publicity Hound, teaches people how to use publicity strategies to get thousands of dollars in free publicity.  She tells us that “The people you’re trying to get as clients search out experts to do business with.”

Stewart points out that nowadays, many people in search of professional services will go to Google to find a practitioner.  And when entering terms into that search engine, people will commonly use the word “expert”.  For example, let’s suppose Anne Smith is a business owner in Denver, Colorado who’s unhappy with her current CPA.  She wants to make a change, but she doesn’t know who else is out there.  She goes to Google and types in the phrase, “expert CPA Denver”.  According to Stewart, this happens more often than we may realize.

If you’re presenting yourself as an “expert”, it may help expert-seeking prospects find you online.

There’s a second excellent reason to nurture your expert identity.  The media love experts.  In fact, they’re actively looking for experts every day.

“Journalists in particular are always looking for experts to provide a couple of quotes to round out a story, or to explain a complicated topic they happen to be writing about,” says Stewart.  By presenting yourself as an expert in your field, you make yourself useful and attractive to newspaper reporters, television and radio producers, and other members of the media who require contact with experts day in and day out.  If you make yourself a reliable source to the media, they will consistently reach out to you for comment, and getting free publicity will seem effortless.

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