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I'm on a mission to help practice owners attract quality clients, build a championship team, grow revenue, and have more freedom (financially and personally).

It is the live events and one-on-one strategy sessions that help me to do that.

This was my 10th and last SuperConference and it was SPECTACULAR.

The feedback attendees shared with us was amazing and I believe you will feel the same way.

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NOW is the time to dig into the sessions and explore the possibilities of the places your practice can go.

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Where to start?

Begin by downloading your very own 'Implementation Manual'. This is a 141 page guide to follow along with the presentations from the SuperConference. Included in the guide are various activities, questions for you to answer, and worksheets to help you dig deeper into the most lucrative parts of your firm.

This guide is also a place for you to take notes throughout the recordings so that you can implement the strategies shared throughout the SuperConference in your practice!

CPA SuperConference Video Recordings

Introduction - 2019 CPA Success Conference


Day 1 - June 21, 2019


Day 2 - June 22, 2019


Day 3 - June 23, 2019


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  3. See below for the written transcripts of every single session. We told you, you won't miss a thing!

CPA SuperConference Transcripts