Frustration to Triumph:
Goal Setting for Success In The New Economy



Thursday, June 11

1:00pm Eastern Time
12:00pm Central Time
10:00am Pacific Time

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You may have started the year with hopes, aspirations, and big, hairy audacious goals.

However, after the recent crisis, many feel completely derailed and forced to rethink your plan.

But how exactly do you rethink and redirect your practice in the new economy…and turn 2020 into a year you can celebrate?

During this webinar, I’ll share with you exactly how my team and I set clear, concise, and intentional goals in my practice…and how you can do the same in yours.


  • 1

    Easy steps to get your team involved in the goal setting process and taking ownership of their goals.

  • 2

    How to set clear, concise, and intentional goals for your practice following the pandemic.

  • 3

    The difference between realistic and unrealistic goals during unprecedented times and how to avoid setting the wrong ones for your practice.

  • 4

    How to create appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can measure and adjust your goals for success!

Salim Omar, CPA

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"Salim Omar presented a clear, motivational webinar that inspired big goals for my business. Fantastic presentation!!!"

Candace S.

"Thank you for being open an honest about your journey it really helped to get the vision across."

Stephanie P.

"Pretty informative. Good webinar."

Paul J.

"Very idea and thought-provoking!"

Therese B.

"This was my absolute favorite training I've taken thus far in this format. It was very insightful, inspirational, and the presentation materials were awesome - thank you for the great material!"

Mary B.

"I really enjoyed this. I have done the same - make too many goals for 1 year that I'm unable to meet. It's hard to continue with the plan when you feel so far behind. I hadn't realized that I was overloading the 1 year time frame though. I think breaking that down into trimesters will really help me to make realistic goals."

Rebecca S.

About Salim Omar, CPA

Salim Omar, CPA is the rare accountant who guarantees success to clients who follow his advice. As one of New Jersey’s top CPAs, clients from across the state hold Salim in the highest esteem.

Salim is the author of 3 books, including the popular books, The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy and Straight Talk About Small Business Success (available in most major booksellers in New Jersey). His articles appear in publications around the country including prestigious industry publications such as Accounting Today and The CPA Journal.

Salim has shared the speaking stage with celebrities such as co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series Mark Victor Hansen, Vice presidential nominee, Wayne Allen Root and Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Danny White.

His passion to help small-business owners succeed -- and his personal business success -- makes him a much-in-demand speaker, panelist, writer and advisor.