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  • Million Dollar Referral Marketing System ($197 value) - A downloadable online course that contains; Referral Marketing Set-up Process Map, CPA Referral Strategy Guide, CPA Referral Toolkit, and (4) Audio Mp3's that outline the entire CPA referral system
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Salim Omar's Million Dollar CPA Club

The only program that helps you become the “Million Dollar CPA” in your local market.

Benefits of the program include...

  • Million Dollar CPA Firm Newsletter
  • Million Dollar Masterclass with an Expert CD and Transcript
  • Access to the Million Dollar Vault
  • Monthly Million Dollar Roundtable Webinar
  • Access to Member Specialist for Questions
  • Four Marketing Ad Critiques Per Year
  • Two 15 Minute Calls with Salim Per Year
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fade-leftfade-rightHere's What Other Are Saying...

"We were able to put our heads together and quickly design one system- for the entire office/ administrative staff to use- to remedy the problem.

The results of this were two - fold. Not only did we address an issue that was concerning to us, but we all saw how easy it was to systematize a process. Our goal is to continue to use systematic thinking to approach other areas of concern. Though the use of systems we hope to achieve better staff performance, better client service, and a more profitable CPA practice. Thank you Salim! "

James Boehm, CPA
San Antonio, TX

"No more of the "everybody does it their own way" and heaven help you if you have to figure out what someone else did when they are not around. It will also allow for me to offload the time consuming administrative tasks I have been performing myself. With documented systems it will make it so anyone in the firm can handle tasks that I have handled in the past, because I never took the time to train them. This will free up more of my time for the more important matters."

Randy Powers, CPA
Grapevine, TX

"For over thirty years, I have been in the trenches getting the job done but at a high price of time and commitment. Up to this point, I knew I had problems with this but no way of attacking the problem. Your program has allowed me to set the foundation to start the process.

Your program is giving me the encouragement that I can change to the Lifestyle practice I want. That is priceless. I plan on setting up systems and take a hard look at everything I am doing.
The good feelings that this creates is immeasurable. "

Howard T. Kaufman CPA/PFS, CFP®
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“I’ll be able to change the marketing for my company and have it reflect better my personal identity and my niche. I am confident that it should increase revenue by about $25,000 over the next 12 to 18 months. This gives you very practical, tactical follow-up after you’ve thought through strategic branding and marketing”

Steven Zelinsky
Minnetonka, MN

“I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars and an enormous rate of return applying the insights from the CPA Marketing Genius. Thank you Salim for passing on your insights that you obtained from your struggles. I know you have benefited me, my family, my employees and my clients.”

Danny Mueller, CPA
Edmond, OK

“I studied and learned everything I could from the materials and then quickly put what I learned to work for me in my firm. The results were everything I hoped for and could have expected. I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned and implemented from Salim's programs.”

Ike Ikokwu, CPA, CFP
"The Financial Independence Coach"

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