Posted on: June 18, 2021 CPA practice development, Grow CPA practice, Team


“Hire for attitude, train for skills.”


It is so important to have the RIGHT team (and to keep them). Here are a few ways you can do so:


Hire slowly

Ensure you are diligent in your hiring process so that you don’t bring in bad apples.


Ask questions

Take the time to dig deeper and understand what that person is really made of.

Make sure that they have proof of the claims they give you about their abilities or performance.

Give them a “test” or an assessment to help you bring out the red flags!


Get your team members involved

Bring in 1-2 team members to help with the interview process and get another perspective on the potential hire.

Reference checks are OK but are not always foolproof or reliable.


Remember, you can always train someone who has the right attitude and is “culturally aligned” with your practice.






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