What If You Had My Personal Help to Attract More High Quality Clients, Build a Team of Champions, and Streamline Your Practice?

Hi! Salim Omar here.

I'm very excited to introduce to you my new and enhanced membership group - the Million Dollar CPA Club (formerly the Superstar CPA Program).

I designed this program to help practitioners around the world create million dollar practices and enjoy the freedom lifestyle that comes with it.

You may know my story . . .

The first 7 years that I was in practice, I struggled to get it off the ground. I burned through my savings and went $100k into debt. Every day was a struggle to pay the bills.

My staff members were 9 to 5’ers. They were not engaged and not fully on board. My cilents at that time were a pain in the neck to work with. They were demanding, disrespectful and paid low fees.

Every week was a 50 to 70 hour marathon that left me exhausted and disillusioned. I knew something had to change.

So I took action! I decided to study some of the most brilliant business minds in the world. I applied their strategies to my CPA firm. After thousands of hours of "trial and error" experiments, i was able to create a thriving practice and get my life back.

Unfortunately, my journey was lonely and confusing. I didn't have a CPA mentor or other practitioners for that matter to Mastermind with or bounce ideas against.

That's why I have created the Million Dollar CPA Club (MDC).


What is the Million Dollar CPA Club (MDC)?

The Million Dollar CPA Club (or MDC for short) was designed for practitioners  - like YOU - who want to take their practices to the next level.

As a part the MDC family, you will . . .

  • Attract more higher-quality clients
  • Learn how to find, keep and build a team of champions
  • Acquire systems and procedures to streamline your operation for maximum profits

Everything you need (including support) is now at your fingertips. And you can try it now for just $47 per month.

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At 11:59pm (ET) on November 16th, the price of the MDC Club will increase from $47 per month to $97 per month.

The reason for the price increase is because we've added a TON of new benefits to the program, including:

  • Expanding the Million Dollar CPA Firm Newsletter to 16 pages
  • Fully updating the Member's Only Vault with TONS of new and valuable swipe files, checklists, etc
  • Million Dollar Roundtable Webinar with Salim, his team and other success-minded practitioners
  • Adding your very own Member's Concierge that you can call or email with any questions.

You can get all this for $47 per month, but only until 11:59pm on November 16th!

Here's What is Included in the MDC Club . . .

  • Million Dollar CPA Newsletter

    Every month, I will send you a 12 page newsletter packed with proven strategies for your practice. I understand you are busy so only the best tactics will be included!

  • Monthly Million Dollar Roundtable Webinar

    Every month, you'll be given free admission to these online roundtables. During the roundtable , you are free to ask any question about practice development, team, operations, marketing, etc to me or any other MDC Club Member.

  • Access to the Million Dollar CPA Member's Vault

    Here you will have complete access to my most up to date personal library of sales letters, ads, checklists, interview question, client service agreements and more! You will get all the tools to help you make your office more efficient and running like a well-oiled machine.

  • Million Dollar MasterClass CD and Transcript

    Listen in on me grilling experts from many different industries and un-covering gems that you can implement in your firm RIGHT NOW. Past interviewees include: former Disney Executive Lee Cockerell, Best-selling author Bob Burg and Publicity Hound Joan Stewart.


    These Interviews fall in multiple categories, including: Digital Marketing and Social Media, Networking, Best Practice Gems, Leadership and Team Building, Presentation and Communication, Marketing Strategy and Growth.

  • Access to MDC Member's Concierge

    Have a question about something you read in the newsletter? Looking for a certain template or checklist and don't see it on the Member's Vault? Or any other questions can be directed to my MDC Member's Concierge, Anthony. He's there to answer your call or email so you can fully enjoy all the benefits of the MDC Club.

  • Two, 15 Minute Million Dollar Calls with Salim per year

    Two times per year, I open up my schedule to have a private, one on one, 15 minute call with my Superstar Members. You are free to ask me anything you want and I will give you my candid feedback. Most members ask me questions relating to the three critical areas of practice success: Building a Championship Team, Client Attraction and Operations.

  • Four Marketing Ad Critiques Per Year

    Four times per year, you're welcome to send me any marketing collateral you may want my two cents on and I'll send you my candid feedback. This includes: emails, yellow page ads, PPC and FB ads, direct mail pieces, website copy, etc.


You'll Also Get Three SUPER Bonuses!

Ultimate CPA Practice Marketing Swipe File ($197 value)

A guide filled with 30 pages of my most powerful marketing pieces! With this booklet, there is no need to waste another penny on ads that won’t work.  I've compiled a complete guide with ready to use marketing tools to help you become a Million Dollar CPA and add instant GROWTH and PROFITS in your CPA practice!

Inside this guide, you'll find . . .

  • A complete, direct mail campaign to bring in new businesses
  • Ready to swipe Yellow Page Ads
  • Step-by-Step Plan to Host a Seminar and establish yourself as an expert in your community
  • How to Author an article and get it READ and passed along

Million Dollar CPA Print Newsletter Archives ($291 value)

Five copies of my past Million Dollar CPA Firm Print Newsletters. These are five of my VERY BEST newsletters, hand selected for you and jam-packed with articles on topics such as client loyalty and retention, office operations, internet marketing, etc.

You'll find articles, such as . . .

  • Achieving Success in Your Practice Through Persistence
  • Premium Fees = High Perceived Value, Larger Revenues and a Bigger Take Home Pay
  • CPAs and Personal Branding: Clearing Up Popular Misconceptions
  • New Client Conversions as Smooth as Butter

Two Exclusive Interviews with 7-Figure Practitioners ($167 value)

MP3 and transcript of two of my most influential interviews with 7 Figure Practitioners who have established themselves as a key figure in the CPA industry with credentials that go above and beyond. These are practitioners that have "figured it out" and want to share their knowledge and "know-how" with you.

You'll learn . . .

  • Top marketing strategies that you can implement in your practice today to bring in a steady stream of clients.
  • Team Building tactics to hire, train and retain A-players on your team
  • Systems and Procedures to make your practice run on autopilot

Here's the Deal . . . 

  • MDC is a Monthly Membership Club for $97 per month. HOWEVER, you can get in at the price of $47 and the super bonuses if you join before 11:59pm (ET) on November 16th.
  • This is a month-to-month subscription so there is no long term commitment.
  • If you find the program no longer works for you, you can cancel at any time by emailing our MDC Member's Concierge, Anthony at Anthony@CPAmarketingGenius.com
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Here's What Others Are Saying . . . 

"I have recently signed up 2 new business clients in my first month and have 3 potential new clients that are getting their information together for me to review and discuss services I can provide."

Michael Lewis, CPA

"I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars and an enormous rate of return applying the insights from the CPA Marketing Genius. Thank you Salim for passing on your insights that you obtained from your struggles. I know you have benefited me, my family, my employees and my clients."

Danny Mueller, CPA

“I think probably the biggest thing I learned at this workshop was some of the structures and systems to put in place that’s going to help develop staff and increase retention, which by implementing those things will lead to a lot higher level of client and employee satisfaction. What I think that’s going to do is going to make it a lot more fun to go to work and make it a lot easier to work on my business and not have to be there worrying about everything being handled on a moment to moment basis.”

Randy Owens, EA

“CPA Marketing Genius has opened my eyes that there is a right way to market and a wrong way. Why waste our valuable time as CPAs trying to do things the wrong way when we are not marketers by trade. CPA Marketing Genius offers valuable insight and tips that will save our most valuable resource…time. I am confident that I will see great results! Salim is the Mentor’s Mentor.”

David Robbins, CPA

Don't Delay! Join Before the Timer Hits 00:00!

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