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Million Dollar Referral Marketing System ($197 value)

How much would an extra 2 to 3 new high quality clients be worth to your practice each month?  Here's my complete step-by-step system for flooding your practice with high quality, no-cost, client referrals. Discover . . .

  • A Clever Technique for Getting a Steady Stream of Referrals Even if You Forget to Ask for Them…
  • Why the common way of asking for referrals will actually cripple your practice and lose your hard-won client…
  • A 3 Step Referral System that makes the client believe that giving a referral is “THEIR” idea and not yours!
  • How to avoid embarrassing “cold calls” to so-called referrals that don’t know you or need your services…
  • A shockingly simple method for getting referrals even if you have no clients!

Ultimate CPA Practice Marketing Swipe File ($197 value)

A guide filled with 30 pages of my most powerful marketing pieces! With this booklet, there is no need to waste another penny on ads that won’t work.  I've compiled a complete guide with ready to use marketing tools to help you become a Million Dollar CPA and add instant GROWTH and PROFITS in your CPA practice!

Inside this guide, you'll find . . .

  • A complete, direct mail campaign to bring in new businesses
  • Ready to swipe Yellow Page Ads
  • Step-by-Step Plan to Host a Seminar and establish yourself as an expert in your community
  • How to Author an article and get it READ and passed along


Special Report on Newsletter Marketing ($125.33 value)

In this special report, I’ll give you practical strategies for implementing a newsletter in your practice for increased client generation and retention! Email newsletters are FLOODING your client's inboxes these days, so there has been an increased demand for print newsletters! If you've always wanted to put together a print newsletter, but don't know where to start - this guide is just for you.

Inside this guide, you'll find . . .

  • Step-by -step instructions on how to make your print newsletter attractive
  • How you - as a CPA - can rank high on the "Totem Poll:
  • How to "Hit it Out of the Park" with your print newsletter
  • How to Get started creating the newsletter of your dreams

Million Dollar CPA Print Newsletter Archives ($291 value)

Several copies of our past print newsletters jam-packed with articles on topics such as client loyalty and retention, office operations, internet marketing, etc.

You'll find articles, such as . . .

  • Achieving Success in Your Practice Through Persistence
  • Premium Fees = High Perceived Value, Larger Revenues and a Bigger Take Home Pay
  • CPAs and Personal Branding: Clearing Up Popular Misconceptions
  • New Client Conversions as Smooth as Butter


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"I have recently signed up 2 new business clients in my first month and have 3 potential new clients that are getting their information together for me to review and discuss services I can provide."

- Michael Lewis, CPA

"I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars and an enormous rate of return applying the insights from the CPA Marketing Genius. Thank you Salim for passing on your insights that you obtained from your struggles. I know you have benefited me, my family, my employees and my clients."

- Danny Mueller, CPA


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“I think probably the biggest thing I learned at this workshop was some of the structures and systems to put in place that’s going to help develop staff and increase retention, which by implementing those things will lead to a lot higher level of client and employee satisfaction. What I think that’s going to do is going to make it a lot more fun to go to work and make it a lot easier to work on my business and not have to be there worrying about everything being handled on a moment to moment basis.”

- Randy Owens, EA

“CPA Marketing Genius has opened my eyes that there is a right way to market and a wrong way. Why waste our valuable time as CPAs trying to do things the wrong way when we are not marketers by trade. CPA Marketing Genius offers valuable insight and tips that will save our most valuable resource…time. I am confident that I will see great results! Salim is the Mentor’s Mentor.”

- David Robbins, CPA