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The Million Dollar CPA Firm

Although the process of becoming a CPA requires extensive study and learning, it usually includes little practical education on how to establish and grow a successful practice that allows you to live the lifestyle you want.

Salim Omar has filled this gap in his hew book "The Million Dollar CPA Firm," which follows his popular precious guide "The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy."
This book will inspire those setting out to establish their own firm as well as existing practice owners who want to reach higher levels of success.

Inside, Salim outlines seven key principles of practice management success. The practical examples and specific guidelines provided allow you to start implementing positive change in your practice today, such as:

  • Creating the right foundation that enables you to scale to the Million Dollar mark and beyond
  • Building a high performing championship team that frees you from constantly working "in" your practice
  • Attracting a consistent stream of quality, well-paying clients
  • Delivering high standards of service that bonds clients to your firm and generates instant referrals
  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness through the right systems and processes
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About the Author

Salim's photo IMG_0296Salim Omar

Salim Omar has spent the last 20 years uncovering the keys to success of any CPA firm.

He’s used his financial expertise and his own struggles in the early years of starting and growing his CPA firm as a springboard for understanding the success principles that create accounting firms that are profitable, respected and fun for their employees.

Feeling unfulfilled and tired of corporate politics and a long time commute, in 1996 Salim left a “cushy” corporate, CFO position with a corner office to fulfill his mission of starting his own CPA firm.

He soon found out that this was no easy task, and he struggled with low-paying clients, poor cash flow and a high employee turnover.

After going $100,000 into debt, Salim made it his mission to transform his struggling practice into highly profitable, 12+ person firm that it is today. Best of all, he works only a few days a week while his practice continues to thrive.

Salim is considered by many as the #1 advisor and thought leader for small and mid-sized accounting firms, He is the author of the popular book, The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy and has been featured in a range of prestigious publications such as the CPA Journal, Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager and on the cover ofAccounting Today.

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Special Reports

7 Proven Strategies for Attracting More Clients to Your CPA Practice

One of the keys to growing a successful CPA practice is having a steady stream of new prospects that you can convert into clients.

 This means having a planned program of regular marketing activities.

In this special report, I share seven of my favorite strategies for building a steady stream of people coming to you interested in your services.

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Four Keys to Creating a Powerful Lead Magnet to Attract Your Ideal Clients

If you want to attract a steady stream of new clients, you need to build a strong list of prospects who are interested in the services you offer.

However, these days people are very protective of their personal information and they are not just going to give you their details without something useful in exchange.

In this special report, we’ll go through the stages of creating and promoting the right offer so that it becomes a powerful “magnet” that attracts your ideal prospects and clients.

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Salim’s Expert Interviews in a Downloadable MP3 Format

Interview with former Walt Disney Executive Lee Cockerell, titled How to Create Magic In Your CPA Practice: A Heart to Heart Talk With a Former Executive at Disney

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Interview with Bestselling Author of the book “Go- Giver” Bob Burg, titled Attaining the Five Levels of Stratospheric Success

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Interview with President and CEO of Accountants One Dan Erling, titled Team Building Made Easy Strategies to Hire and Retain an A-Team

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Resources from Salim’s Back Office

Straight Talk CPAs’ Core Values

This document was created by the Straight Talk CPAs team. These Core Values embody what our firm strives to represent. I recommend you working with your team to create a list of Core Values.

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Straight Talk CPAs’ Strategic Objective

A strategic objective can serve as a clear picture of your firms’ desired destination and can be your roadmap for getting there. It is a one page document that describes your practice and answers questions such as: “Who are we?” “How do we operate?” “Who do we serve?” and “What is our competitive advantage?”

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"In this book, Salim has laid out his blueprint to building a more successful practice. Step by step it takes you from foundation to building the firm that your really deserve. It is much easier to follow in the footsteps of a success then to carve your own path. He has created success for himself and has chosen to help guide the rest of us on that path. I am happy to report that Salim methods have led to a huge increase in my practice and a happier lifestyle. Ad part of his coaching group, I have already dad a six figure increase in revenues this year."

Peter Holtz, CPA
Stockton, CA

"In my education, I had been taught how to be a CPA, not a CEO. I love this quote, which is true for a lot of CPAs that are starting their own firm. This book dives into the leadership and best practices on building your ideal business. This book will guide you step by step from the idea to the execution of creating a firm that will make you proud. It's truly a great read for those that want to create a fulfilling business that generates revenue and allows for a true work-life balance."

Scott Zarret, CPA
President, CPAacademy.org

"Salim's true heart and passion for helping practitioners succeed flies off the pages... his sage advice and counsel is priceless, practical and proven! His willingness to share his story will help you succeed in creating your own story."

Keith and Kelly Heil
Arise Wealth
Arise CPA Services

"Salim Omar has created a master piece and a tremendous road map to success for firms of all sizes. The Million Dollar CPA firm, has been written diligently and it will not be put down once you begin its journey."

John F. Raspante, CPA, MST, CDFA | SVP / Director of Risk
Management | NAPLIA

"Capitalizing on the power of breaking away from the status-quo, Omar's insights, experience and recommendations make this an extemely valuable, common sense guide to managing a successful accounting firm."

Rita Keller
President, Keller Advisors LLC

"Salim covers the whole gamut of practice deveopment; from hiring the right people, to attracting the right type of client and then prociding outstanding client service using systems that allow the practioner to not only work more efficiently but to enable them to develop a lifestyle practice which will, in turn, provide them with a better quality of life.

I say these things as one who has experienced it directly. My advice is to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Just pick up a copy of "The Million Dollar CPA Firm" and follow Salim's advice, step-by-step and then watch the transformation of your practice begin."

Peter Marchiano, CPA
Baville, NJ

"Once again, Salim delivers powerful insights for building a profitable firm. The Million Dollar CPA Firm is a must read for professionals seeking to scale their firm and increase personal independence."

Josh Clark
Senior Vice President, Cloud9

"If you are looking to grow your practice, then you need to listen to what Salim has to say. I have attended every one of his live conferences, been in his coaching program and attended just about every event he puts on to absorb his wisdom.

The success and growth of my firm's gross revenues has doubled over a 3-year period and still continues to grow at 33% each year all due to his wisdom, advice and encouragement. He is also the reason that I have been able to take memory creating vacations with my family to wonderful places like England, France, Italy and Canada over the last 3 years. Not only that, but I have been in the best cash position I have ever been during my almost 7 years of having my own practice. If you are not going to take action after reading this book of knowledge, then I don't suggest you waste your time or money. But I guarantee if you have become the king or queen of implementation, you will find this book the best money you have ever spent."

Dan Henn, CPA
Daniel Henn, CPA, PA
Rockledge, FL

"After many years as a practicing CPA in my own firms and as a partner in larger CPA firms, I never concentrated on being a CEO of the company. The book altered my thinking to focus on the important things such as developing the best procedures and selecting the best marketing strategies.

If you are willing to commit and implement the steps laid out in this book, you can begin "for the first time" to have work life balance and actually enjoy being an owner of a CPA practice."

Retha Valderas, CPA
President, Valderas Financial Solutions, LLC

"In the "Million Dollar CPA Firm", veteran CPA and author Salim Omar gives practitioners a concise blueprint of exactly how to get their firms to the next level. From asking themselves "what does success look like?" he shares with readers the 7 core principles necessary to building a foundation toward operatin a more profitable and competitive 21st century firm."

Bill Carlino
Managing director national consulting services,
Transition Advisors LLC

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