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Order the SuperConference Recordings Now!(including the full transcript, one-on-one coaching session with me, and "30-Day Fast Start to Your Million Dollar Practice" webinar!)

Here's What People Have Said About the 2019 CPA Success SuperConference...

Wow, Salim!!!! Your CPA Super Conference was the most phenomenal event I have ever attended. I am new with being full-time in my company and I only have one bookkeeping client at the moment. However, with all the teachings from you and the other speakers, I no longer am clueless about how to grow my company.  I am so pumped up right now and eagerly looking forward to each day. Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity of a lifetime!

Vanessa Smith, CPA
Vanessa Smith, CPA New Castle, DE

The event exceeded my expectations. I was in an environment geared for success. Each of the presenters were professional, passionate, and came with their 'A-Game' to deliver their resources to help each of us succeed. The agenda and time allotted was achieved. I left the event with my foot on a new ladder moving one step at a time for continued growth. I am a CPA Superhero!

Deborah Smith, CPA
Deborah Smith, CPA Fairburn, GA

The teaching and selection of all the presenters was done with us in mind. You treated us like your family. The warmth of all of the family blew me away. The seeds you have planted in my heart are going to germinate and produce good fruits. I would like to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Happy 10th SuperConference!

Scholasticah M Chidemo, CPA
Scholasticah M Chidemo, CPA Indianapolis, IN

"Imagine Your Stress, Frustration and Negativity Simply Melting Away...And How Much More Security, Confidence, Professional & Personal Satisfaction Will Be Yours With a GUARANTEED System For All the New Clients, Profits, and FREEDOM You've Ever Wanted..."

Order the SuperConference Recordings Now!(including the full transcript, one-on-one coaching session with me, and "30-Day Fast Start to Your Million Dollar Practice" webinar!)

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How to Enjoy a Windfall of New Profits And Loyal, Raving Happy CPA Clients With Disney Magic


Exceeding expectation rather than simply satisfying it is what made Disney the valuable brand that it is today. Can their strategies be modeled in a CPA firm to create brand loyalty and enjoy windfall of profits? Can you have a practice where your clients rave about you and let their friends know what a special firm you are? The short answer is YES.

And the “how” will be shared with you and 199 other practitioners by Dr. Disneyland, Jeff Barnes, at this year’s SuperConference.What makes Jeff unique is that he teaches the world's only accredited college course on the History of Disneyland. He will give you “behind the scenes” access to the business components that make the magic of Disney and tell you how you can apply the same magic in your practice.

You’ll learn:

  • Disney’s secret customer attraction formula that keeps them in demand all year long and how practitioners can use this to keep the practice generating revenue during and after tax-season.
  • How to become (and remain) the “go-to” practitioner in your market by providing experiences that create loyal, raving, happy clients like Disney.
  • Disney’s Unique “Customer Centric” framework that attracts quality clients who pay premium prices for your practice.
  • Uncover your practice’s top leverage points and simple strategies to implement Disney Magic in your practice in the next 30 days.
  • And much more…

Shane Johnson

Turn Those Dreams Into Goals and Take The Hill


Corporate sales coach, Marine Corps Veteran, and #1 best-selling author Shane Johnson is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs you’ll meet in the country. Shane ran three businesses, a non-profit organization, and ran 22 miles before most people woke up in the morning. If you’re looking for someone to give you the blueprint that gets you from where you are to where you want to be while helping you develop a Marine-like commitment to achieving your business goals, Shane will show you how.

You already know the most important skill is knowing how to set a strategic plan for your practice and have the mindset to follow through on it despite all the challenges that will certainly come your way. Shane will take you on a deep dive into understanding what has held you back in the past and give you a simple (yet effective) process that helps you create a new system for achieving things in your life. No matter how busy you are, or what struggles you’ve had in the past, Shane will guide you through it.

You’ll learn:

  • Shane’s unique system for “working backwards” from your big goal to the smallest task—this one skill will dramatically multiply your success rate.
  • The question you MUST ask yourself…the answer can turn your dreams into a powerful driving force.
  • How to create and manage timesaving systems without hiring expensive companies to do it for you—for many practitioners, this is exactly what’s needed to reach their goals without breaking the bank.
  • How to successfully assess and manage your risks and how to know exactly what dangers can sabotage your results.

Amy Armstrong

Secrets to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Social Enterprise From a Garage


An advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Amy Armstrong is instrumental in showing businesses how to maximize their CSR efforts through volunteering, team building, and serving their local community through engaging, impact events. At Clean the World, her passion and dedication to the mission shines through.

In just three years, Clean the World has enrolled nearly 2,500 North American hotel partners in its environmentally friendly soap-recycling program, distributing 18 million bars of soap to children and families across the United States and in 96 other countries. At this year’s SuperConference, Amy will show you how to turn your firm into a mission driven business that attracts centers of influence, clients, and engages your team to help you make a bigger impact.

You’ll learn:

  • The foundation to creating a lasting change that could 2x or 3x your practice growth.
  • How to create your “Know, Like, and Trust” factor with your ideal clients.
  • How to build partnerships that attract high quality new clients almost like clockwork (while investing little or no money in advertising).
  • The biggest mistake practitioners make when converting prospects into clients and the exact strategy that could instantly triple your conversion rate.

Charles McKissick

Create Your Lifestyle Practice By Outsourcing The Grunt ‘Data Entry’ Tasks


Do you want growth without the overwhelm? Don’t try to do it alone. Charles McKissick of Initor Global Services is a specialist in helping CPA firms outsource accounting and tax preparation work.

If you’re looking to generates more revenue, trim away the expenses of having to do it in-house, add more creative TIME back into your schedule, his presentation at the upcoming SuperConference will not be one you want to miss.

He has helped to transform the processes and operations of hundreds of overwhelmed and understaffed practices by being a reliable resource that helps them get more done with less time, money, energy.

You’ll learn:

  • How to structure and systematize a CPA firm so that it creates a balanced personal and professional life.
  • How to manage your outsourcing with minimal input and high returns.
  • Scaling: Proven system to exploding your growth (case studies included).

Jassen Bowman, EA

3 Simple Steps to an Extra $72,500 (Or More!) Per Year in Your Practice


The Tax-Resolution niche has been a growing trend and practitioners who’ve aligned themselves with this opportunity have amassed a fortune. Jassen is one of the most sought-after tax-resolution experts in our industry and he’s been helping practitioners add a Tax-Resolution profit center into their practice for an easy bump in their bottom line. In Orlando, he’s going to open up he’s proven playbook and show you how he’s made millions in this niche for himself and for his members.

You’ll learn:

  • $72,500 Dollar Plan: The exact blueprint you’ll need to go from “Barely Making It”…to adding $72,500 to $100,000 annually helping Tax Resolution clients.
  • How to set up an automatic marketing system that brings you a steady flow of high quality Tax Resolution clients every month like clockwork.
  • The ONE thing that you can do tomorrow and instantly become the TRUSTED advisor for a client that’s willing to pay between $5,000 to $15,000.

Brian Schulman

Turn LinkedIn into Your Biggest Client Generator with Consistent, Predictable Results And a Purpose Driven Message


You can achieve incredible results and have a strategic advantage over your competition when you know how exactly how to use LinkedIn. Brian will share with you his proven formula to finding “Your Voice” in order to attract and retain an engaged audience, or as we now know it, a "tribe". These are clients who will be evangelists. Your biggest fans. They’ll be with you through thick and thin, because they know what you stand for, they know what you do, and they know why you're the best at it.

Brian Schulman is an International Speaker and Emcee. He is a Forbes Featured Entrepreneur, named a 2019 Influencer to watch a LinkedIn and has the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profile.

In this valuable discussion, he will now show YOU how to build a purpose driven message to leverage LinkedIn to its fullest potential and to foster relationships…relationships that lead to clients.

You’ll learn:

  • The secret LinkedIn formula for generating more NEW leads with qualified prospects, daily.
  • Quick tweaks that you can make right away to your profile page that not only will make you more visible, but will also make you the obvious choice.
  • How to increase your client flow and profits in 2019 and beyond.

Nate Hagerty

Online Leadflow Acceleration: Building a Pay-Per-Click, Social, Email, SEO and Website Machine for your Practice


With a previous background in youth ministry, Nate Hagerty entered the tax industry in 2003 and became the Marketing Director of a regional tax firm in Virginia.

This firm grew from a small $50,000/year firm to one which took in over $4.3 million in tax prep fees alone in less than ten years, employing over 440 people with 23 locations throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. From 2003 until 2006, Mr. Hagerty directed the marketing and sales of this company, as it yearly surpassed the sales of well-known national franchises in its 15 market areas. During this period, he worked as a coach and consultant to the tax and accounting industry, helping thousands of other tax business owners in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK make more money and grow their companies.

Now, Nate is CEO of TaxProMarketer, the learning marketing agency exclusively serving independent CPAs and tax practitioners. TaxProMarketer combines his relationship-building expertise (from his experience as a youth minister), his passion for effective and clear communication (informed by his English degree from the University of Virginia), and gift for writing copy that sells.

You’ll learn:

  • How to stay ahead of the newest trends in Google Search, both organic and paid, so your offseason is full of new appointments from motivated clients.
  • The BEST, most efficient way to put out a steady stream of new content so that you are making the algorithms happy … and getting more leads.
  • Ensure that you are the "go to" accountant for your local market area.

Frank Stitely, CPA, CVA

Surviving Blockchain, A.I., and Neural Networks to Become a 21st Century Firm


Frank is the Managing Partner, Stitely & Karstetter CPAs. He is also the CEO and Founding Member of Clarity Practice Management LLC, and the Author of The Relentless CPA - The New 21st Century System for Driving Success at Tax and Accounting Firms. He has over 30 years of "In-The-Trenches" experiences as a CPA.

Frank is full of useful, powerful advice you can implement easily, and he'll share his soup-to-nuts guide that will enable you to reap all the benefits that come with a thriving accounting services firm and life.

You’ll learn:

  • Why mass media reports of our pending demise are premature.
  • What do 21st Century clients want and how they want it delivered?
  • Identify the new (and old) skills required to thrive in the 21st Century.
  • What does the 21st Century CPA firm organization look like?
  • How to transform yourself from a successful practitioner into a successful accountant-manager-entrepreneur.

Karla Pierskalla

From Dormant to Dominate Through Relationships and Referrals


Certified Referral Trainer Karla Pierskalla can show anyone how to 5x their referrals by strengthening relationships and making personal connections fast. She is the Business Development and Marketing Manager at Liberty Title, where she focuses on her passion for recognizing the potential and encouraging the growth in those around her.

In her session, Karla will show you how to take your business from dormant to dominate through relationships and referrals.

You’ll discover:

  • The magic question that instantly deepens client relationships
  • How to Double your impact with The Communication Pyramid
  • 7 powerful time saving tips for greater productivity and focus
  • How to easily connect with all the connectors and influencers in your area…even if no one currently knows your name.

Ron Caruthers

Make It Count: Client Strategies That Triple Your Income


Known by many as their “Financial Fixer”, Ron Caruthers is the nation’s foremost expert on college planning and college funding. Ron is loved by hundreds of parents for finding creative and effective ways to fund their children’s college dreams while keeping them on track for retirement.

At the SuperConference, he’ll show you how the same sound financial guidance and strategies he teaches parents will help you reach your goals and stay on track for success in your practice.

You’ll discover:

  • How to triple your hourly rate (at least) by tapping into a rabid, starving market with 18.5 million current prospects and 5.5 million new prospects being added each year.
  • How to never lose a client to TurboTax, Quicken, or any other fly-by-night tax preparation software.
  • How to build a true ‘multiple-streams-of-income’ firm that allows you to get paid up to eight times per each client, and collect an upfront fee for each client that is up to 10 times the fee that you currently get for a tax client.

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This package will only be available for a LIMITED time. After Saturday, July 13, you'll lose your opportunity to be a part of my LAST EVER SuperConference for good.

Order the SuperConference Recordings Now!(including the full transcript, one-on-one coaching session with me, and "30-Day Fast Start to Your Million Dollar Practice" webinar!)

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