Play Smart, Not Hard:
How to Change the Game and Double Your Time Off



Thursday, Sept. 24th

1:00pm Eastern Time
12:00pm Central Time
10:00pm Pacific Time

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If you are tired of always coming up short when it comes to your practice no matter how much work you put in…

If you can’t quite seem to get past the glass ceiling…

…then perhaps it’s time to change the game all together.

Unfortunately, most practitioners are using outdated methods to build their practice…and if this year’s events have taught us anything at all, it is that we are definitely NOT playing the same game anymore.

You may be spinning your wheels and working harder than ever before to manage your practice. You might be exhausted, working crazy long hours and feel burnt to a crisp from high stress levels.

In this webinar, you will discover a new high-performance model built on “working smart.”  These secrets will double your time off while helping you build a practice you’re proud of.


  • 1

    The powerful 3-step model that will attract more high-quality clients and get the best prospects searching for YOU.

  • 2

    The must-have “Smart Systems” you need in your practice if you want to free yourself from the daily headache and only work 2-3 days/week…even during tax season.

  • 3

    The 3 steps to building a winning championship team (and the “behind-the-scenes” training will turn your practice into a well-oiled profit-making machine).

  • 4

    THE #1 way to create wealth with a blueprint for a lucrative exit strategy!

Salim Omar, CPA

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