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  • Why old prospecting methods like business network meetings, yellow page ads, canned- newsletters, and blind-referrals just don't work like they use too
  • How to get quality clients to call you without spending hours cold calling or paying for expensive advertisements
  • The secret to persuading yours client to pay premium fees for your services.
  • The trick to attracting and keeping top-caliber staff - finally stop wasting time training employees only to see them defect to competitors
  • How "hiring for attitude and training for skills" can transform the work experience at your practice
  • How to immediately become your markets "Accounting Authority" (and turn your celebrity into high-paying retainer clients)
  • How you can use my field-tested methods to attract 2-3 business clients to your practice every month

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I'm not a guru. I'm a CPA Practitioner just like you...

My name is Salim Omar and I've spent the last 12 years uncovering the keys to marketing success for any CPA firm.

I've used my financial expertise as a Certified Public Accountant and my struggles in the early years of starting my CPA practice as a springboard for understanding the success principles that create CPA firms that are profitable, respected, and fun for its employees.

My experience as a former Chief Financial Officer gives me the unique ability to understand what "your clients" are looking for in a CPA. You will also benefit from the thousands of hours of "experiments" that I've conducted in my own Practice to uncover the secrets to consistent, measurable, and profitable marketing success. I've taken this inside knowledge, streamlined it and included it on CPA Marketing Secrets CD.

Remember, There Are No Strings Attached... You get to use my knowledge to get a "shortcut" to success with tax services advertising, CPA firm marketing, and tax firm marketing.

Make sure you have a notepad and pen ready because you'll learn enough to begin attracting premium clients to your business immediately. Go ahead and give the CPA Marketing Secrets a try. Just tell me where to send your CD below:

Salim Omar, CPA
"The CPA Marketing Genius"


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