Would You Like Me to Personally Help You Double or Triple Your Quality Client Flow, Boost Your Profits and Slash Your Working Hours?

Introducing . . . A Step-by-Step CPA Practice Coaching Program That Removes All The Guess Work From Creating A Highly Profitable, Much More Valuable, Amazingly Efficient Practice That Gives You and Your Staff Less Stress, Attracts a Predictable Quantity of Quality Clients With NO Struggle each month…

Dear Friend and Fellow CPA Practice Owner,

In the next few moments, I’m going to give you a critical advantage over 99% of the CPA’s in your market. In fact, some might consider it an “unfair” advantage.

More specifically, I’m going to reveal a Breakthrough system that can simply and easily add . . . 

This coaching program you’re about to discover will (finally) cut through the clutter and give you just the right ingredients you need to easily and effortlessly build a dominant practice in record breaking time.

You’ll discover how to create quick emergencies cash surges in your practice in 30 days or less. And you can achieve up to a SIX-FIGURE bump or more in the next 12 months.

If for any reason at all, you think this may sound too good to be true, don’t put this aside just yet.

Unless you already have all the clients, money and security you want, let me make my case. You’ll be happy that I did.

As practitioners already part of my CPA Marketing Genius family already know, I have an army of practitioners just like you, with different backgrounds, skill sets and income, who use my methods to pin-point exactly the areas that are keeping their practice (and profits) stuck, and then utilized this same exact system I’m about to share with you to get unstuck and be on their way to enjoying exponential growth and income.

Sad truth is, 83% of practitioners today are working way too hard not to be rewarded for all the blood, sweat, and tears they pour into being a great practitioner.

YOU Can Change That!

Yes, you love what you do. You care about your clients. You provide top-notch service.

Yet still, most practitioners today feel like they’re on a never-ending hamster wheel and playing catch-up as the multitude of ‘to do’s’ keep piling up.

Plus, with shrinking inventory of quality clients and stiffer competition, you might find yourself putting in more hours and DOING MORE than ever before just to keep your head above water.

All these things are the enemy of a thriving, robust, fun, and lucrative practice that you truly deserve.

Now before I go any further, I want you to do me a favor and grab a piece of paper.

Get a pen, get a pencil, I don’t care, whatever you can use and write down what I’m about to say because it’ll change your life if you read this simple sentence to yourself everyday.

The only secure future you can have is the one you create for yourself. That’s it. That’s the only hope you really have of securing the future you desire for yourself, your family, your kids. It’s the one you create. That’s what these systems are all about. How to create your best possible future and do it faster than you think is possible.

fade-leftfade-rightThe CPA Practice Accelerator System

Through my NEWEST Coaching Program, I’ll help you identify the main “profit killers” that keep practitioners grinding just to survive, instead of growing and thriving.

More importantly, I’ll provide you with the “quick fix” solution that gets you and your practice freedom from stagnation and stalling, to new levels of profitability and success...and a much greater sense of control and pleasure from running the practice.

In the 12 weeks that we’ll be spending together, I’ll reveal EVERYTHING you need to know about managing your practice. Whether you’re just starting out in your practice or you’re a veteran, you’ll find these powerful strategies easy to understand, simple to implement, and eye opening.

This program is delivered via weekly webinars and group calls where you’ll comfortably watch me from your home or practice using your computer as I show you every secret I’m currently using in my thriving practice.

In addition to that, you’ll be able to collaborate with myself and other success-minded practitioners during our LIVE weekly telephone calls and through an exclusive members-only website that you’ll gain access to as part of this community. And through this site, you’ll be able to connect and share ideas with other practitioners who are also committed to improving their practices and lifestyles.

To REALLY understand what the CPA Practice Accelerator System is, and how it’s different and better than anything else in the accounting industry . . . let’s discuss what it is and then what it's not . . . 

What It Is . . .

  • A 12 week mini coaching program where you will have access to both individual and group Coaching with me
  • Each Module (see below) is broken down into a 2 week time frame with both an online training webinar and a group Coaching session
  • A chance for you to regain control over your practice and get more done with less effort
  • A chance for you to surround yourself with other like minded practitioners who too what to liberate themselves from stress and worry
  • A program that will cut through all the clutter and give you the ingredients you need to easily and effortlessly build your dream practice.

What It's NOT . . .

  • It’s NOT a “Big Box of Stuff” dumped on your doorstep for you to figure out on your own
  • It’s NOT a collection of “tactics, tips, and techniques” you have to try and make sense of
  • It’s NOT a generic “one-size-fits all” program that you have to adapt to fit your practice
  • It’s NOT a “feel good” motivation & inspirational mumbo-jumbo with no action plan
  • It’s NOT “Ivory tower” theory or regurgitated strategies cribbed from others (who cribbed from others).

Who is This Program For?

  • Someone who is ready to make a dramatic change in their practice and not just continue to stagnate or decline.
  • You’re the kind of practitioner who see’s more value on following an already proven plan versus trying to reinvent the wheel
  • You want infinitely greater control over your time, money, staff and clients
  • You need a substantial reduction in stress – related to staff dysfunction or disharmony, related to new clients’ups and downs and uncertainty, related to financial worries and pressures
  • You want to make radical shifts in the management of your practice and (finally) be able to attract precisely the kind of clients YOU want
  • You want to build a fully cooperative and dynamic team that is making real contributions to your practice

Here's the deal . . .

I’ve been at this a longtime. And I have the background needed to design a Program of Breakthroughs that your practice needs right now to prosper in the new economy.

Today, I run my practice as I wish– work when I want, with clients who are appreciative of my services and don’t nag over fees. I take time to travel and enjoy fun-filled adventures with my family. I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that your CPA practice can still offer you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of (with the right systems in place). And I’m here to provide you the shortcuts!

And there are only two things that are standing in between…

You and Freedom Right NOW!

  • 1

    Being really ready for change.

    Not everybody is. Some practitioners just want small, modest, incremental improvements in only one, two or three aspects of their practice. They may just want more revenue from their current client base. Or just want to land a big account. Or just want to take Fridays off without an income dip. If this is you…you’re disqualified from the system I’m about to share with you. This is only for CPAs who want a far-reaching, multi-faceted, comprehensive professional life makeover.

  • 2

    Being ready for truly exceptional income, and conversion of that income to wealth.

    I want to work with practitioners seeking take-home income leaps of $100,000 to $300,000 or even more, and who are just as concerned with wealth as income, with lifestyle as well as work. Our profession is full of high-income, broke practitioners who realize, belatedly, they can’t hope to retire.Practitioners who are trapped by their success, working like a worker not like a business owner…. it’s off to work we go, to pay the bills! That’s the way the guy at the Wal-Mart counter lives. It should not be the way you live. You have to be ready for revolutionary shifts in that department.

If you think, based on that criteria, that you might be ready, then continue . . . and we’ll delve into the details of my Program.

This program is broken down into 6 two week modules (each module includes a training webinar and group coaching call) AND also includes special "Done 4 You" extras for each module . . .

Module #1: Systemizing Your Lifestyle Practice

How would you like to become a "Systems Thinker" and strategically solve every practice issue that arises?

How would you like to have systems that work actively to help you maximize growth and profits?

This program will allow you to integrate operational and workflow systems that improves customer service, add thousands of dollars to your bottom line by reducing waste and inefficiency, and boosts staff productivity.
You’ll be getting both a practical how-to guide and a framework for planning and executing a system that transforms your practice into a high-performance organization. It’ll focus you on the vital few facets of your practice that will bring the biggest payoff.

I'll help you transform your practice  into a powerful wealth-building machine, capable of creating a sustained perpetual cash flow to power the economic lifestyle you want - while rendering your competition harmless, inferior and irrelevant.

This is the exact system that high six and seven figure practitioners all over the country quietly and covertly bank upon.

You'll discover . . .

  • Establish your core values to create a winning work culture
  • How to set performance standards for your team and provide 5 Star Service
  • How to systemize your entire office to optimize workflow so that your team will be much more productive

This module also includes . . . 

My AWESOME CPA Practice Protocol Book

JAM-packed manual with all processes, procedures and checklists for the entire year to run smoothly and profitably. It is organized by tabs and has a system for every single member of your team from front office to tax prep to a FULL guide to creating a 5 star customer service culture in your practice.

Module #2: Setting Goals That Scale Your Practice

Fact is, having a concrete plan and breaking it into goals can result in 200-300% increases in performance, productivity and profits. I’m going to challenge you to set the biggest financial goals you’ve ever set in your life. 

Do you know how to set goals for your practice, reinforce goals, support a goal-oriented environment?  One of the most powerful things you’ll experience with this coaching program is to create a goal-oriented environment. That’s because if everyone is NOT on the same page as is the case in most of the practices that I have consulted with, the results are a fraction of they could and should be.

Here are just some of the powerful strategies you'll discover in this module . . . 

  • How to set goals that will change the entire trajectory of your practice
  • How to establish the vision for your practice to achieve these goals
  • How to organize your goals so that you are taking action steps towards the bigger vision

This part also includes . . . 

Special Online Training Workshop on Creating Your Firm's Strategic Objective

Knowing your Firm's "Why" is crucial to building a success practice. In this training, I will not only walk you though how to create your Strategic Objective, but you'll also get a workbook with step-by-step instructions and examples of Strategic Objectives.

When you have created it, you'll send it to me and we'll work through it until its perfect!

Module #3: Charging the Right Fees

Think about what your practice is like NOW… Is it designed to consistently acquire new clients? Is it designed to keep those clients and PROFIT from them for a very long time? If your answer is “No”, you desperately need “unique market positioning.”

This is THE most important single business approach you can leverage. Because it defines your unique positioning, and communicates it to your most valuable target market. Becoming the EXPERT CPA in your market will bring you more power, more influence, and more overall importance than all competitors in your market… combined!

After you finish this module, you’ll finally say goodbye to the grunt work of prospecting, hunting…for clients who don’t appreciate your services… and start to experience the sheer bridled joy of having good, qualified clients find out about you and seek you out to obtain your expert assistance in solving their problems.

  • Implement a systematic, ROI-driven strategy for each task your team performs
  • Quickly asses your current practice processes and see where process improvement and systems development can take place
  • Uncover the "secret sauce" that enables great practices to scale their successes, eliminate single points of failure, and get more of "what went right"
  • Translate solutions into working policies, patterns, processes, and procedures. Get dependable results with repeatable tactics that just plain work.

This also includes . . . 

Create Your Services Agreement

Knowing Your Firm’s “WHY” is Crucial to Practice Success! A step by step training on how to create your strategic objective with a follow along work book and examples of other successful business. We will work on your strategic objective together until it’s perfect.

Module #4: Building Your A-Team

There are few absolutes in practice, and here is a major one: thriving practices employ a superior team. No matter how great the idea, how strong the practitioners’ finances, how excellent the location, or how magnetic the advertising, the success or failure of the practice rides on the quality of the workforce.

STOP doing it alone. Many practitioners are rowing the boat all alone, while staff is just on board for a joy ride. Now it’s time for you to develop a powerful support team who will help you overcome your weaknesses, maximize your strengths and finally allow you to experience that comforting feeling of knowing that your staff truly have your back and want the practice to succeed just as much as you do.

Here are just some of the powerful strategies you’ll discover in this module . . . 

  • How to have effective team meetings that are authentic and empowering
  • A strategic hiring process so that every new team member is a total SUPERSTAR!
  • Learn the most common mistakes that CPAs make when dealing with staff and how to avoid them

This part also includes . . . 

Accelerate Your Hiring Process

Do you want to hire a team member or two, but have NO IDEA where to start.

FEAR NOT! You'll be given job ads and descriptions for each and every position within your firm. Then, once you post the ads and bring in the resume, you'll receive an "Interview Cheat Sheet" with all the questions you MUST ask to ensure you're bringing on the right candidate for your firm.

Module #5: Advanced Client Attraction System

If you’re looking to eliminate “New Client” worries from your life once and for all, then this is certainly for you. By creating a unique culture and a solid operational infrastructure for your practice, you’ll be able to attract quality clients who are eager to do business with you.

Here are some of the things we’ll be covering together:

  • How to differentiate your practice so that clients see you as the ONLY option for their needs – avoid the “commoditization game” where price is the only differentiator for choosing your practice
  • The Two-Step Process I developed to attract the ideal clients for my practice – Learn how to define the exact type of client you want... and who will love being your client!
  • How to significantly increase the lifetime value of each one of your clients (almost instantly) – Decrease your attrition rate while maximizing the value you bring to your current clients
  • The fastest way to LOSE clients to your competitors (and you must avoid it at all costs) – Stop committing this common mistake that can repel your best clients...

This part also includes . . . 

Marketing Critique of Your Firm's Website

I will spend time dissecting every page on your website and create a detailed report of the improvements I feel need to be made.

Then, we’ll get on the phone and I’ll explain the report to you and then you can pass this report along to your web designer.

Super Client Conversion System

A specific and strategic marketing plan with the complete sales process (not just the meeting), 7 steps to convert the client and 5 keys to an effective follow up.

Reusable templates, transcripts, follow up, messages, phone scripts AND MORE to use at your discretion.

Module #6: Finance and Performance Measurement 

There’s a saying that what is not measured cannot be managed. That’s why it’s critical you have a system in place that’s constantly measuring the important factors that make or break your practice. In instances where the value of information about a measurement is very high, I’ll explain how to employ sampling and controlled experiments in a way that makes it easy for any practitioner.

Also, when was the last time you raised your fees? If you're like most practitioners, in all likelihood it's been TOO long. Whether you're doing great today or still trying to recover financially, the recession-specific fee increase strategies I will reveal to you could EASILY be responsible for putting your next child through college, pay for a round-the-world vacation or could simply be reinvested into your practice for even more growth and success.

I’ll reveal . . . 

  • The most critical components of your practice to constantly measure
  • Proven system that assesses your team’s performance for you so you know exactly who’s a SUPER-STAR and who’s holding you behind
  • The same exact performance chart I use that makes it plug-and-play for me to find out exactly the right information to keep my practice moving forward

This part also includes . . . 

Compensation Guide - it DOESN'T have to be so hard!

Ughhh! Does anyone actually enjoy figuring out what to pay their employees or how much of a raise to give them or what their Holiday bonus should be?

I'll admit, it isn't fun, BUT it got easier for me once I developed my Super Compensation Guide!

This guide includes how to compensate employees based on their different levels of expertise, how to figure our bonuses and raises and also other more "fun" bonuses you can and should give your "A" Team employees.

With this program, you'll also receive TWO 30 Minute Private Coaching Calls with Salim!

  • 1

    Pre Program Coaching Call

    Just before we start the first part of the program, you and I will hop on the phone and send 30 minutes putting together a plan of action for the next 12 weeks. You'll keep that plan close to you and you will be assigned an accountability partner to help you stick to what you've promised.

  • 2

    Post Program Coaching Call

    Once our 12 weeks together is finished, I am NOT going to let you fall off the wagon! After the program is complete, you and I will hop on a call and map out a plan for the months going forward.

  • 1

    2 Free Tickets to an Intensive

    You will also receive 2 FREE tickets to my 4 city tour across the country. You can attend this 2 day live educational seminar to learn, get CPE credit, and get face to face time with me for a hot seat where we you can ask me ANYTHING you want.

  • 2

    12 Month Subscription to the Million Dollar CPA Club

    The Million Dollar CPA Club is a community of growth minded practitioners who aspire to successfully build their practices and DREAM BIG! You get access to a membership fault, a 16 page newsletter, monthly interviews, training webinars, and access to a new network of practitioners that you can relate to.

  • 3

    Done4UPrint Newsletter

    One year subscription of a newsletter to send to your clients as a direct mail marketing piece. We customize to fit your brand, audience and fill it with articles that will bring prospects in with lots of questions.

  • 4

    Niche Brainstorm Session

    An opportunity to work with our expert copy writer, Mary Rose Macguire, to brainstorm the marketing possibilities for your practice to target a niche and increase revenues.

"Okay, this all sounds great, Salim, but what does it cost?"

You can enroll in this program TODAY for the low price of $5,997 or 5 payments of $1,297. 

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To Top it all off, you also get these AMAZING bonuses worth more than $4,000!

Enroll in this program TODAY for the low price of $5,997 (or 5 payments of $1,247) and receive ALL of the program bonuses AND Post Strategy Session Bonuses! (A total of $6,008 in FREE bonuses)

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As Tony Robbins once said…“Excitement must lead to immediate action or you will lose the power of momentum. More dreams die because we fail to seize the moment. Do it now!”

I encourage you to seize this moment and take action.

You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

You can take your practice, you income, and your free time to new levels of growth with the "Practice Accelerator" with one investment of $5,997 (or 5 installments of $1,247)

That works out to…$64 a day for the next 3 months.

All you would have to do to make that back is secure ONE or TWO new clients – and with all the tools, templates, support and coaching you'll receive, you'll have a HARD time not doing that!

30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want to give you one full month (30 days) to go through this program and see for yourself just how powerful and amazing it is. If you are not completely head-over-heels thrilled with it,you'll get a full, prompt, no-questions asked refund. No hassle, No problems, No payment.

$25,000 ONE Year Guarantee

If you are in this program past the one month mark, you STILL have another full year to use the materials and strategies in the “CPA Practice Accelerator”.

If after 12-months you can show me that you have implemented just 3 out of the dozens of strategies included and it didn't make back $25,000 or more in your bottom line that you wouldn't have made otherwise – just inform my office and I'll issue you a full and complete refund. After all, if this program doesn't deliver the results I'm promising, I don't deserve to keep your money. I’ll refund every penny you paid for it.

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