Here are the details of the FIVE-Week...

“Exponential Practice Growth and Freedom Lifestyle” Academy

Module 1: NEW Leadership and Influence Strategies

Do you want to cultivate leadership traits that will help you inspire your team, successfully manage change and conflict, and better serve the needs of your practice?

In this module, you’ll discover what real leadership is, how to assess your strengths, and ways to cultivate the traits the best leaders employ to make their organizations strong and innovative. Fact is, your ability to have an impact on projects and organizations depends on more than just your official title as the “Boss”. It also depends on your ability to influence people - your team members, your clients, and your peers.

This module teaches the leadership and management skills that every practitioner MUST have in order to succeed. Your words will have weight, you will be respected and admired, and most importantly, that vision you have for your practice will finally start to take shape. You’ll get the REAL answers to…

  • How do you persuade people to change?
  • How do you get people to harmoniously work together?
  • How do you share knowledge in a way that it gets applied?
  • How do you tame the grapevine?
  • How do you communicate your mission, core values and goals for the firm?
  • How do you transmit values?
  • How do you lead people into the future?

Module 2: Advanced Online/Offline Marketing Strategies

Let's face it—Marketing the services of a CPA firm today is nothing like it was a decade ago. Marketing budgets are tighter, consumers are more skeptical, and social media has changed forever the way we talk to our clients.

You’ll integrate both online and offline marketing to create a complete marketing plan that will strengthen your client base without breaking your budget. This session will be packed with updated examples of campaign that are currently working NOW in our industry, advanced marketing strategies to help you dominate your market.

You’ll discover...

  • Low-cost, low-effort, high-return marketing strategies that are guaranteed to transform your practice with amazing speed and ease.
  • The brilliant way to instantly differentiate yourself from your competitors - and immediately increase your average value per client.
  • Using Facebook ads to build a fan and client base
  • The Number One way to create an immediate cash flow surge.
  • Time-Tested, proven, yet cutting-edge and radically different SYSTEM for attracting quality clients to your practice
  • How to generate quality business leads from page one of Google
  • The Art and Science of putting together marketing campaigns that convert

Module 3: Building Your Dream Team

There are a few absolutes in practice, and here is a major one: thriving practices employ a superior team. No matter how great the idea, how strong the practitioners’ finances, how excellent the location, or how magnetic the advertising, the success or failure of the practice rides on the quality of the staff.

STOP doing it alone. Many practitioners are rowing the boat all alone, while staff is just on board for a joy ride. Now it’s time for you to develop a powerful A-team who will help you overcome your weaknesses, maximize your strengths and finally allow you to experience that comforting feeling of knowing that your staff truly have your back and want the practice to succeed just as much as you do.

Here are just some of the powerful strategies you’ll discover in this module...

  • How to end entitlement and create a culture of Accountability, Purpose and Profit
  • How to define your role as the owner in order to FOCUS on the $250 and $500+ per hour work
  • How to hire SUPERSTARS in your team that will transform your practice
  • Most common mistakes that most CPAs make when dealing with staff and why any one of them could poison your practice
  • Clearly define each team member’s unique ability in order to get TOP performance out of your staff

Module 4: Stealth Client Engagement Strategies

If you’re looking to eliminate “New Client” worries from your life once and for all, then this is certainly for you. By creating a unique culture and a solid foundation for your practice, you’ll be able to attract quality clients who are eager to do business with you. More importantly, you’ll be able to retain them for life by developing a clear and effective plan that drives clients to engage and do business with you, and ONLY you. I’ll show you how I took my client annual fees from $1,500-2,500 to $4,500-8,500 within 18 months.

Here are some of the things we’ll be covering together:

  • How to differentiate your practice so that clients see your firm as the ONLY option for their needs
  • Two-step process I developed to attract the ideal clients for my practice
  • Fastest way to LOSE clients to your competitors (must avoid at all costs)
  • Strategies for creating real-time engagement with clients that staff members can easily adopt in their daily tasks
  • And much, much more...

Module 5: Putting it all Together

This is where the rubber meets the road. This module shows you how all the pieces of creating a highly lucrative CPA firm work together and you’ll learn how to implement a workflow improvement that will instantly transform your practice.

The main objective of this training is to help you get quantifiable results at the end of 5 weeks which means you’ll attract more NEW clients and (more importantly) do it while working less by allowing the systems I’ll help you implement do most of the heavy work for you.

Each training module includes:

  • 90-Minute Webinar Trainings
  • 30 to 50 Page Implementation Guide with templates, cheat sheets, and tools make it EASY to implement each module.

But, Wait, There's a Whole Lot More!

In addition to each week’s Web training, you’ll receive “Exclusive Bonuses” that are going to help you get to your desired results in WARP speed...

BONUS 1: Free Tickets to my LIVE 3-day yearly marketing event This June in St. Louis - ($997 Value)

Yep, you read that right. I'm giving away attendance to my upcoming live event as a free bonus that you can use for ANY of my upcoming BIG live events. I do these events once a year and this one seminar has changed the lives of hundreds of practitioners over the years. This is your opportunity to network and build relationships with other like-minded practitioners who just like you are committed to running a practice that liberates them from the strain and struggle and will give you the total autonomy you deserve. Tickets to these events are starting at $997. I’ll even let you bring a guest for FREE by enrolling in this 5 week training today.

BONUS 2: DREAM 100 Marketing Campaign - ($497 Value)

Who are your dream clients? Do you have a special marketing campaign just to attract them? As the saying goes…”Build it and they will come”. Or in this case…we’ll build it for you and you just enjoy the results.

A few dream clients can give you more income and better working experience than 10 regular clients. That’s why I focus 80% of my time attracting my dream clients.

You’ll get a COMPLETE system to attract your DREAM clients with ease, without your competition knowing what hit ‘em on the head. I’ll give you a complete Done-4-YOU FULL MARKETING KIT for getting these clients (with EMAIL Sequence, Landing Page, Post Cards, and much, much, more).

BONUS 3: “Million Dollar Marketing Swipe” - ($997 Value)

This never before released collection is worth its weight in gold. This is 200+ pages of my nearly unbelievable treasure chest of CPA Practice marketing templates contains all the steps and all the pieces that generated hundreds of quality clients that have been worth millions of dollars over last few years. You’ll get everything from my strategic, simple to use referral system that your competition doesn’t know about that’ll generate an endless flow of QUALITY clients FAST…even if you’ve been afraid to ask for referrals…to…

You’ll get the same marketing arsenal that allowed me to go from a highly stressed, dead-broke practitioner who was starved of clients and went to be every night wondering where the next one would be coming from…to…owning the most envied CPA firm in my entire town. I’ll hand you…

  • Business client attraction campaigns
  • 1040 client attraction campaigns
  • Old client reactivation campaigns
  • Direct mail marketing pieces
  • Magazine ads
  • Online social media posts
  • and much, much more.

You’ll also get a set of trust based marketing principles, all the celebrity branding principles, my marketing calendar that reveals how I plan out my monthly, quarterly, and even yearly campaigns.

This dense binder, page-by-page illuminates my evolved best practices and leaves no stone unturned – immediately this book of tactics, combined with the sizzling strategy, will broaden the range of what is possible, what works, why it works, and when, why, and how to implement them.

BONUS 4: Double Your Income, Double Your Time Off Strategy Session with Salim - ($200 Value)

I’ll give you a proven game plan you can implement immediately after our call to help your practice grow. Prior to our call, we’ll connect via email regarding your most urgent need. That way, by the time we connect on your 20-minute call, we’ll spend most of the time on the implementation of your plan.

BONUS 5: Members ONLY Mastermind Forum - ($397 Value)

This enables you to communicate with your fellow practitioners who’ve joined you in this mission to grow their profits while building a lifestyle practice. You can ask questions inside this forum, comment on other peoples posts, celebrate your successes with colleagues who’ll cheer you on, and talk about any issue you might be experiencing because you’ll be listened to.

Keep in mind: I have some of the most successful practitioners as clients. This won’t be like those ‘other’ forums where people complain, and ask stupid, thoughtless questions. You will be interacting with the cream of the crop. My members are NOT stingy, frightened, fearful folks with scarcity mentalities. They are givers. They understand WIN-WIN. They realize this is not a zero-sum game, and they share, openly and honestly.

In a nutshell, all these FIVE Bonuses are designed to help you see AN IMMEDIATE, INSTANT FINANCIAL WINDFALL, and PROFIT JACKPOT while working the least number of days and hours during the year.

What You Should Do NOW to Transform Your Practice and Your Life in 5 Weeks With This Program!

Truth is, my vision for you may be even higher, deeper, richer, and more productive than what you wish for yourself. I’ve been down as a dog and have been able to claw my way up to the top. I’ve seen first hand what can happen when you discover the highest and best use of your time, your resources, and your clients.

And that’s why I wanted to make this system RISK-FREE for you…

“The Exponential Practice Growth and Freedom Lifestyle” Academy

You’ll get FIVE FULL CONTENT FILLED weeks plus bonuses covering everything from how to manage every aspect of your practice, reputation, clients…also ways to best communicate, lead, to influence and achieve superior marketing results, including implementation of systems.

  • You’ll finally have a system that will give you TOTAL control over your practice so you have more time and freedom
  • You’ll notice a massive surge in the productivity of your sta
  • You’ll take the guesswork out of your practice and enjoy a stress-free practice
  • You’ll implement more proven, powerful, and practice transforming ideas in the next 5 weeks than you have in the previous 5 years
  • You’ll get access into the minds of other CPA practice experts and SEVEN FIGURE practitioners to gain an unfair advantage in your market

And much more. And don’t forget, you’ll be getting one FREE ticket to my NEXT event being held this June in St. Louis so that we can meet in person, plus a free guest ticket. If you were there last year, then you know exactly the amount of value I provide at my events and you’ll have the opportunity to attend FREE when you join the program. Which really makes this training FREE for you today!

YES SALIM! I'm ready to enroll in the “Exponential Practice Growth and Freedom Lifestyle” Academy.

I understand I'll receive access to all 5 of the step-by-step modules, implementation guides, and Q&A sessions along with instant access to $3,088 worth of Bonuses FREE!

Pay in Full: $997
Save 20% and make one payment of $997

RISK-FREE Guarantee: MORE Profits While Working Less in 5 Weeks or You Don’t Pay a Dime

You can decide this is not for you at any time within the the FIVE week “The Exponential Practice Growth and Freedom Lifestyle” Academy. If you don’t see how this systems could elevate your practice, help you create income at will, open up new doors of opportunity for you and could easily bump your profits by at least $100,000 in the next 12 months…then I don’t want your money.

Look, I realize that anyone can make you promises on how they can transform your life but not all are willing to back it up with an “Iron Clad Guarantee”. One thing I’m proud to say is that no one can accuse me of pocketing a dollar I’ve never earned.

I’m a serious guy. I’ve built a serious program for Serious practitioners looking for serious results. I pride myself in the results that I help my clients get and that’s why I’m putting together this NO RISK guarantee. You either get results or don’t pay a dime.

“Your Program Will Allow Me To Change To The Lifestyle Practice I Want. That Is Priceless”

“For over thirty years, I have been in the trenches getting the job done but at a high price of time and commitment. Up to this point, I knew I had problems with this but no way of attacking the problem. Your program has allowed me to set the foundation to start the process. The fact that you have been where we are at and basically telling us what works and doesn't. Your program is giving me the encouragement that I can change to the Lifestyle practice I want. That is priceless. I plan on setting up systems and take a hard look at everything I am doing. The good feelings that this creates is immeasurable.” Howard T. Kaufman CPA/PFS, CFP, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“This type of detailed training from a guy who has been there, done that, is rare and an extremely valuable opportunity."

"Salim's System is without a doubt the best marketing system specifically designed for CPA practices. He has obviously invested a great deal of time building a very comprehensive and effective system based on his proven, real-life strategies. From what I have seen, his program can be plugged into any practice. This type of detailed training materials from a guy who has been there, done that, is rare and an extremely valuable opportunity. I have used other "marketing people" before who purport to specialize in CPA's and some had good ideas but they all cost many, many, times more than the small investment in Salim's program and they frankly delivered a lot less. I am using Salim's program and already getting great results. I expect it to be a cornerstone to help me achieve my goal of doubling my practice over the next 12 months."" Peter Holtz, CPA, Stockton, California

As Tony Robbins once said:
“Excitement must lead to immediate action or you will lose the power of momentum. More dreams die because we fail to seize the moment. Do it now!”

I encourage you to seize this moment and take action. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Pay in Full: $997
Save 20% and make one payment of $997

"We Are Now Finally On Track to Systemize Our Entire Practice"

"We were able to put our heads together and quickly design one system- for the entire office/ administrative staff to use- to remedy the problem. The results of this were two - fold. Not only did we address an issue that was concerning to us, but we all saw how easy it was to systematize a process. Our goal is to continue to use systematic thinking to approach other areas of concern. Though the use of systems we hope to achieve better staff performance, better client service, and a more profitable CPA practice. Thank you Salim!" James Boehm, CPA, San Antonio, TX

"The Idea to 'Run My Practice Like a Business' Sunk In"

"No more of the "everybody does it their own way" and heaven help you if you have to figure out what someone else did when they are not around. It will also allow for me to offload the time consuming administrative tasks I have been performing myself. With documented systems it will make it so anyone in the firm can handle tasks that I have handled in the past, because I never took the time to train them. This will free up more of my time for the more important matters." Randy Powers, CPA, Managing Partner: Pittman, Powers & Associates, CPAs - Grapevine, Texas

"I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars"

“I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars and an enormous rate of return applying the insights from the CPA Marketing Genius. Thank you Salim for passing on your insights that you obtained from your struggles. I know you have benefited me, my family, my employees and my clients.” Danny Mueller, CPA, Edmond, OK

"I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned"

“I studied and learned everything I could from the materials and then quickly put what I learned to work for me in my firm. The results were everything I hoped for and could have expected. I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned and implemented from Salim's programs” Ike Ikokwu, CPA, CFP, "The Financial Independence Coach"

"Salim Teaches How to Work Smarter, Not Harder!"

“There is a lot to learn from Salim and the way he does things. I think also he’ll tell you how to have a better work- life balance. How to work smarter, not harder. I think it’s well worth the investment. I’m just looking forward to implementing what I learned and building a better practice for myself and my family.” Peter Marchiano , Toms River, NJ

Pay in Full: $997
Save 20% and make one payment of $997