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  • Million Dollar CPA Firm Newsletter Archives ($291 Value)

    You'll receive some of our best and most powerful newsletters ever released. Each contains articles geared towards small business success. Articles such as "New Client Conversion as Smooth as Butter" and "Achieving Success in Your Practice Through Persistence" will provide you ways to grow your firm.

  • Million Dollar Referral Marketing System ($197 Value)

    A downloadable online course that contains; Referral Marketing Set-up Process Map, CPA Referral Strategy Guide, CPA Referral Toolkit, and (4) Audio MP3s that outline the entire CPA referral system.

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    A comprehensive collection of ready-to-use, done-for-you ads and templates for a variety of marketing correspondence for an accounting and tax practice.

  • Newsletter Marketing Special Report ($125.33 Value)

     How to generate tens of thousands of dollars of untapped revenue by attracting new clients, receiving more referrals, and generating additional business from current clients with a print newsletter.



A FREE copy of my book: The Million Dollar CPA Firm


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The Benefits of the Program Include . . .

  • Million Dollar CPA Firm Newsletter

    A 16 page, full color print newsletter that is delivered right to your doorstep each month with articles geared toward helping you build your Million Dollar Practice.

    You'll find articles such as . . .

    • Achieving Success in Your Practice Through Persistence
    • Premium Fees = High Perceived Value, Larger Revenues and a Bigger Take Home Pay
    • CPAs and Personal Branding: Clearing Up Popular Misconceptions
    • New Client Conversions as Smooth as Butter
  • Million Dollar Masterclass with an Expert

    Each month I'll interview an expert in a variety of different fields and show you how you can apply their teachings to your practice. You'll receive a CD and transcript of the Interview in the mail, and you can also listen to all past interviews on the Million Dollar Vault (see below for more on this perk!).

    Past Interviewees include . . .

    Amy Vetter, CPA - Author and Global Vice President of Education and US Head of Accounting at Xero.

    Geni Whitehouse, CPA

    Lee Cockerell, former Disney Executive

    Verne Harnish, author of "Scaling Up"

  • Access to the Million Dollar CPA Vault

    A private online portal for MDC Club Members ONLY. We call it a "Vault" because it really is filled with gold - practice building gold that is! On the Vault you'll find all the past Million Dollar Masterclass Interviews, all the recordings of the Roundtable Webinars, special reports, marketing swipe files, cheat sheets, checklists, job ads, systems, and so much more!

  • Monthly Million Dollar Roundtable Webinar

    10 times per year you'll hop on a private webinar with me and your fellow MDC Club members. On this webinar, you can ask me your most pressing questions AND hear me answer other member's questions as well. These hour long webinars are JAM-PACKED with practice building gems.

  • Two 15 Minute Calls with Salim Per Year

    Two times per year you'll have the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute, one on one call with me to discuss whatever you'd like (relating to your practice, of course!). I guarantee you'll leave this call with more clarity and with the motivation to build your Million Dollar Practice.

  • Four Marketing Ad Critiques Per Year

    Have a website page you'd like some feedback on? What about an email or a blog post? Maybe a direct mai piece? Send them my way and I'll be happy to send you my feedback and ways to improve it!

  • Access to My MDC Member Specialist Team for Questions

    Have questions related to this program or your practice. Simply, send an email to and one of my team members will help you.

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Here's What Other CPAs Are Saying...

“We joined the program for better processes but through it, we determined our pricing is not where it should be. The program has opened our eyes to so many opportunities for improvement in our practice aside from the original intent of the program. We added $179,681 in new revenue in one year.”

Roger and Megan Menden
Shakopee, MN

“Since joining the my revenues went up from $385k to $508k in a 10 month period – 32% increase. My net profit went up from $95k to $147k – 64% increase.”

Tricia Anderson, CPA
Boca Raton, FL

"We joined the program because we needed to move forward in growing the firm successfully. This program has helped us stay intentional in regard to growth and organization and feel a stronger sense of accomplishment.

We have also seen a revenue increase of $75,369 in just ONE year."

Keith and Kelly Heil
Overland Park, KS

“Working with Salim and his group has given me the clarity I need to work with my existing employees as far as giving them the same vision so they can start taking on some of the work that I was doing, which frees me up to grow the business instead of working in the business."

Dale Hammernik, EA
West Allis, WI

“For over thirty years, I have been in the trenches getting the job done but at a high price of time and commitment.  Up to this point, I knew I had problems with this but no way of attacking the problem.  Your program has allowed me to set the foundation to start the process. The fact that you have been where we are at and basically telling us what works and doesn't.

Your program is giving me the encouragement that I can change to the Lifestyle practice I want. That is priceless. I plan on setting up systems and take a hard look at everything I am doing.  The good feelings that this creates is immeasurable."

Howard Kaufman, CPA
Buffalo Grove, IL

“The biggest thing I learned from Salim was some of the structures and systems to put in place that’s going to help develop staff and increase retention, which by implementing those things will lead to a lot higher level of client and employee satisfaction.

That’s going to make it a lot more fun to go to work and make it a lot easier to work on my business and not have to be there worrying about everything being handled on a moment to moment basis.”

Randy Owens, EA
Santa Ana, CA

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About Salim Omar, CPA

Salim Omar has spent the last 21 years uncovering the keys to success of any CPA firm.

He’s used his financial expertise and his own struggles in the early years of starting and growing his CPA firm as a springboard for understanding the success principles that create accounting firms that are profitable, respected and fun for their employees.

Feeling unfulfilled and tired of corporate politics and a long commute, in 1996 Salim left a “cushy” corporate, CFO position with a corner office to fulfill his mission of starting his own CPA firm.

He soon found out that this was no easy task, and he struggled with low-paying clients, poor cash flow and a high employee turnover.

After going $100,000 into debt, Salim made it his mission to transform his struggling practice into a highly profitable, 12+ person firm that it is today. Best of all, he works only a few days a week while his practice continues to thrive.

Salim is considered by many as the #1 advisor and thought leader for accounting firms. His company ( helps practitioners avoid the same pitfalls he encountered, and to create their own lifestyle practice.

He has authored popular books such as, The Million Dollar CPA Firm, and The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy. He has been featured in a range of prestigious publications such as The CPA Journal, Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager and on the cover of Accounting Today.

Million Dollar Members Services Coordinator - Ashley: