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  • Special Report titled: 7 Proven Strategies for Attracting More Clients to Your CPA Practice. In this special report, I share 7 of my favorite strategies for building a steady stream of people coming to you interested in your services.
  • Special Report titled: 4 Keys to Creating a Powerful Lead Magnet to Attract Your Ideal Clients. In this special report, we’ll go through the stages of creating and promoting the right offer so that it becomes a powerful “magnet” that attracts your ideal prospects and clients.
  • Interview with former Walt Disney Executive Lee Cockerell, titled How to Create Magic In Your CPA Practice: A Heart to Heart Talk With a Former Executive at Disney
  • Interview with Bestselling Author of the book “Go- Giver” Bob Burg, titled Attaining the Five Levels of Stratospheric Success.
  • Interview with President and CEO of Accountants One Dan Erling, titled Team Building Made Easy Strategies to Hire and Retain an A-Team
  • Straight Talk CPAs’ Core Values. This document was created by the Straight Talk CPAs team. These Core Values embody what our firm strives to represent.
  • Straight Talk CPAs’ Strategic Objective. A strategic objective can serve as a clear picture of your firms’ desired destination and can be your roadmap for getting there.

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