• Friday, August 6th
  • 12:00pm EST
  • 11:00am CST
  • 9:00am PST



2021 and Beyond, How to Thrive in the 'New Normal' for Accounting Firms

In this free one-hour event, Charles McKissick, Head of Business Development of the leading global outsourcing firm in the U.S., Unison Globus, will talk outsourcing in a virtual environment, whether it’s the right choice for your practice, and how to position your practice for success in the marketplace.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of outsourcing over hiring in-house and how doing so can cut your costs and boost your overall productivity.

  • The common mistakes some practices make with outsourcing and how to avoid them while improving your internal processes and catapulting your client confidence.

  • How to quickly and easily transition into a virtual world while utilizing outsourcing to market your practice, amplify your digital presence, and outperform your competition.

Your Hosts

Charles McKissick

on behalf of Unison Globus

Salim Omar, CPA

CPA Marketing Genius

WARNING: We only have 100 spots on our webinar system available and space will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out.