Posted on: August 30, 2021 CPA practice development, Grow CPA practice, Self Development, Team



One of the most important things people need is to be acknowledged, appreciated, and cared for.

Meeting with them 1:1 is an opportunity to share with them your appreciation while talking about the things that have gone well and what has not.


When meeting with my team members, I go over three things:

1. Bonus: For working hard during tax season.

2. Comp time: Extra time off for extra days.

3. Personal development/Career development.


Not only does the above help uncover what needs to be improved, but it gives you the opportunity as CEO to share your point of view.

It also gives your team members the opportunity to agree or disagree.

The combined point of view is the better point of view.

Ask what they’ve done well and ask the team member that they are most proud of.

It is timely, meaningful, and the team member feels an extra level of connection with the team. It is also valuable for the CEO.

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