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Have you created a Facebook page for your practice?


You’ve just taken a key step in building your social media presence to retain current clients and attract new ones.

But now that you have a Facebook page, you may be stumped about how to use it.

Have no fear!

I’ve rounded up ten Facebook posting ideas that you can incorporate into your social media calendar.


Posting photos of your office and team members invites clients and prospects into your world and fosters a sense of trust.

That trust makes people even more comfortable putting themselves and their businesses into your hands.

Plus, it’s a lot tougher to leave a firm when you’re familiar with the friendly faces behind it.

Roam the office from time to time and snap photos of your team working and celebrating together.

Show off your newly decorated waiting area or that fresh coat of paint on the building’s exterior.

And if your firm hosts events, be sure to share photos that show all the fun they may be missing!


Speaking of events, Facebook allows you to create events that appear on the news feeds of your followers.

Your followers can then, in turn, share the event with their friends.

It’s a great way to spread the word when you’re hosting an informational seminar or webinar, or a “Stop By and Say Hi” cocktail hour that brings prospects through your front door.


Each time you publish a post on your firm’s blog, be sure to share a link directly to your blog post on Facebook.

However, you’ll also want to write some kind of introduction.

People seldom click on links without understanding what awaits them on the other side.

You could write something as simple as, “Struggling to save for college? Check out the five smart strategies we’ve posted on our blog today.”


Even the busiest person can find time to watch a one-minute video, especially if it offers advice or ideas that will make their life better.

As a CPA, what fast tips can you share with clients and prospects?

“Quick Win” videos don’t have to be fancy.

Just talk to your phone from behind your desk, as if you were speaking to someone sitting just on the other side. I

t will help build your reputation as an expert; the good advice will make people feel good about you; and as always, seeing your smiling face will help others feel connected to you and imbue trust.


People love polls. We love to be asked for our opinion and the opportunity to be heard.

Fortunately, Facebook has a built-in feature that allows you to create a poll on any topic you like.

When you’re on your practice’s Facebook page and you’re poised at the posting box, go to the drop-down menu and choose Create Poll.

You’ll be asked to enter a question and response options. It’s super easy.

Polls can stir engagement on your page, and they have the added benefit of offering you valuable insights you can use to tailor your services.

Once you’ve collected a number of responses, you might decide to write a Facebook post sharing the results.


Create meaningful interactions by sparking conversations of interest to your current and future clients.

What are some hot topics that affect your clientele and/or their industries?

Share your view and ask others to weigh in.

You might do this concurrently with sharing a link to a news article on the issue.


Facebook allows you to broadcast live via video.

Your video will appear in your followers’ newsfeeds and they’ll be able to watch and listen while you speak and even comment in real-time.

In fact, if you broadcast the same time every week, you can promote that fact and essentially have your own “show”.

You might include a guest, share tips, or ask viewers to type questions into the comments that you can answer live.

You can also use Facebook Live to send greetings from any live events that you might be hosting or attending.


Remember “Mad Libs”? My kids used to love these.

They’re books that share short vignettes, but with blanks to be filled in.

The person being asked to fill in the blank only knows that they must provide a noun, an adjective, a man’s name, etc. It leads to some pretty hilarious read-out-loud stuff.

You can borrow from the Mad Libs fill-in-the-blank format by asking your Facebook followers to do something similar.

For instance, you might post: “Fill in the blank: The biggest financial frustration in my life is _________.” That’s a fairly serious question, and one that, like polling, can provide you with valuable information. However, from time to time, you can throw in something more lighthearted, like, “Fill in the blank: I’d eat my car if it was made of ______.”


What might your Facebook contest look like?

There’s lots of room for creativity here.

For example, you could encourage engagement by asking your followers to help name your new office mascot (a potted plant? A newly adopted puppy?).

The winner might receive a $100 gift card.

To enter, participants would be required to type a suggested name into the comments section of the post by a certain date.

When you choose the winning name, the announcement itself will make a great Facebook post.


Again, here’s a posting strategy that nurtures trust and loyalty.

Don’t be afraid to let your clients and prospects get to know you.

It’s OK to occasionally use your firm’s Facebook page to post a picture or anecdote from your personal life.

Let people see the mural you volunteered to paint in your kids’ school cafeteria.

Make fun of your own taste in music – and see if you have any kindred spirits out there (“I love Engelbert Humperdink. Who’s with me?”).

Share a video of the new tricks you taught your dog over the weekend.


Now that your firm has a Facebook page, use it!

You can’t say you don’t know how – not anymore.

Incorporate these ten ideas into your social media calendar.

Mix them up to keep your content fresh and your followers’ experience lively.  



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