Posted on: May 01, 2018 Grow CPA practice

Every year I look forward to the month of June with so much excitement.


Because I am passionate about supporting others in their journey to success and I get to do that at the CPA Success SuperConference, a 3 Day live event in Atlanta (June 21 - 24).


Here are the TOP 10 Reasons Why You Just Can't Afford to Miss it:


1. The People – Network with growth minded practitioners that understand the challenges you face and are focused on improving their practice.


2. The Speakers – The speakers have been strategically chosen to provide you with the most inspiring and informative presentation to help you build a profitable & unique practice.


3. The Implementation – This event is unlike any other because we live what we teach. I have applied every single bit of content and marketing that I share with you to my own 12+ person firm.


4. The Location – Atlanta, Georgia is filled with gorgeous parks, delicious food and the infamous Atlanta Beltline! (22 miles of abandoned railroads, buildings, and trails).


5. The Individualized Attention – You will have the opportunity to talk to me, or one of my team members at the event in an effort to find a solution for your challenges. You will also get to connect with other CPAs to brainstorm and get the answers you need.


6. The INVALUABLE content – You will learn the very best practices for a CPA practice to be successful in today’s economy and how to implement.


7. The Vendors – I have taken the time to scope out vendors to share the best outsourcing options, software options, and even marketing resources that have helped me grow my practice exponentially.


8. The CPE Credits – You can receive 22 CPE Credits in a fun, entertaining, and educational way to keep you on track with you requirements.


9. The Advantage – Your competition, who doesn’t take business development seriously, will fall behind as you thrive!


10. The Dream – When you DREAM BIG, those dreams need to be backed up with an effective game plan. Create your game plan with me at the SuperConference.


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