Posted on: March 13, 2020 Grow CPA practice, Self Development

In my last blog post, I have told you that I would share with you the three ways to avoid the overly analytical brain of a CPA. As promised, here are the three thoughts that have helped me prevent those moments of paralysis:

1. Mistakes Create Geniuses



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Have I made a bad decision?

More than once, I can assure you! But here’s the great thing about mistakes – they are magnificent teachers. We learn so quickly and so thoroughly through our mistakes.

The lesson sticks better when we experience it first-hand. The more chances we’re willing to take, the more mistakes we’ll probably make – but every mistake is contributing to an intelligence and strength we could never gain as mere spectators.

For every mistake you make, look for the lesson. Once you find it, you’ll never forget it.

2. Don’t Forfeit Your Power


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Have a hard decision to make?

Sure, you could decide not to decide, crawl under the covers and wait for the situation to go away. But in doing so, you’re giving away your power.

You’re leaving it up to someone else, somewhere, to put something into action – and it may not be what you would have chosen.

You’re forfeiting your voice. You might make a bad decision (and that’s OK – see item #1), but at least you’re exercising your power in your own life.

3. Most Decisions Aren’t Major


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Let’s face it – the majority of choices we have to make are minor ones:

Decaf or regular? The blue shirt or the black one? Run this Google Ad, or that one?

There may be some negative consequences if you make a wrong choice, but the world won’t come to an end.

For some people, overthinking becomes so ingrained that they get stuck on the small stuff as well as the big stuff.

Practice getting unstuck by making quicker choices on the everyday things that matter less. Then, when you face a major decision, you’ll feel less paralyzed.


Keep in mind, too, that clients may pick up on your inability to make decisions. They’re looking at you as a trusted advisor.

Cultivate a relaxed, confident decisiveness and your clients will feel confident, too. And that’s the kind of good feeling clients want to tell their friends about.



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