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The other day a fellow practitioner asked me, “If you were starting your practice all over again, what would you do differently?”

The following are the answers I provided, and are great things to keep in mind whether you are just starting or reinventing your practice:


Niche down

Instead of limiting yourself to a certain area, niche down by industry, affinity, or service.

By niching down, you become the “category king” or expert, and you can really OWN it.

Additionally it allows you to establish expertise, authority, and credibility in that space.


Build a team of champions from the start.

Expand your team more than locally, but nationally.

Outsource the lower level work and get it done as inexpensively as possible. Dedicate the higher level, profit-generating work to your championship team.

Be very focused and intentional about building technology infrastructure and systems.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Document your systems and processes for efficiency and scalability.

Be transparent in how work is done for all staff levels.


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