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As we inch closer to the end of tax season, I want to share a few tips that will be transformational in your practice now and in the future.

These are things that I use in my own practice and often share with my coaching members, and can be implemented immediately.



Become clear about the most important things you want to do early in the day or week, such as:

• Prepare tax returns

• Respond to emails and phone calls

• Allocate time to meeting with team members

• Work on your practice



Get your priorities on your calendar

Block time off and get organized! Think about:

•  When do you want to prepare tax returns?

•  When will you make phone calls and respond to emails?

•  When do you want to be available to your team?



Maintain your health (mental and physical)

You are the most valuable part of your practice, so take care of YOU!

•  Take time to exercise, mentally and physically. Get moving, listening to something motivational or inspirational.

•  Practice positive self-talk. Be kind to yourself! Visualize a higher level of yourself and commit to showing up in the best way possible before beginning the day.

•  SMILE! Force a smile every day-- it makes a difference!




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