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Salim124Many of the CPA practitioners I mentor have embraced content marketing as a way of growing their practices and positioning themselves as experts. Most of them are getting fantastic results from creating content for their practice website, blog, and social media channels. But admittedly, I never hear anyone say, “Wow, Salim, this content creation stuff is easy!

No, it’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort. And, with the right information, you can make it a little easier – not to mention more efficient and effective.

Keeping in mind that your content should be useful and relevant to your target client, here are a few tips to improve your output:

  1. Think smaller chunks. Some content creators try to cram too much info into one blog post or social media status update. Instead, step back a little and see if you can break your topic down into several smaller posts, the roll them out over the course of a few days.
  2. Be succinct. Generally speaking, people feel instantly exhausted by huge blocks of unbroken text on a computer or smartphone screen, and they will often click away from lengthy content in favor of something shorter and more to-the-point.
  3. Everyone loves bullet points. Whenever it’s possible and appropriate, use bullet points in your content. Not only does it help break down the information you’re conveying in a more visually comfortable way, but it allows you to cover a lot of key points in short order.
  4. Draw them in. Every now and then, strive to create content that actively pulls your reader into a conversation. Ask a question. Seek feedback. Collect opinions.
  5. Use pretty pictures. When using a computer, tablet or smartphone, the human eye loves its candy. You’ll capture and keep more attention by incorporating visuals into your content whenever possible. That might include photographs, illustrations, infographics, charts, maps…get creative.

Are you a CPA practitioner who’s especially proud of your content? Go ahead, show it off! Leave links to your best and brightest content in the comments section below. We look forward to checking it out!

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