Posted on: June 11, 2021 CPA practice development, Grow CPA practice, Self Development


My wife and I recently watched the 4-part Netflix movie series, Self Made, and it has a very relevant, powerful, and inspirational message for CPA practice owners.

The movie is about Madame CJ Walker,  an African-American woman who went from poverty to a billionaire in the beauty industry.

There were three takeaways that I got from watching the movie:



The willingness to push forward despite the challenges.

It takes mental and physical strength to push through everything that will come your way as an entrepreneur.

Things won’t be handed to you on a silver platter-- you need to be able to handle obstacles and disappointments.


Believe in yourself

Let the vision and goals you have for your practice get you excited! Keep pushing for higher goals and think about the difference you want to make.


Have a good advisor or person that supports you and your vision

Have someone you can turn to for support and to bounce ideas off of.

You can’t do it alone!



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