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"Decision Fatigue is the emotional/mental strain that results from the burden of choices." - Roy Baumeister

It can lead to the following two things:
1. Risky decision-making
2. Decision avoidance


Here are 3 simple ways to avoid decision fatigue:


Self Care:

You are the most important person, take care of yourself!
Create a ritual where you are doing certain things and being mindful (e.g. meditation, eating right, drinking water, breathing right, exercise), etc.
Give yourself time for self-care each day
Your mind will perform at its peak when you practice self-care.


Minimize low-stake decisions (or avoid them all together):
Example: The “when’s” and “what time’s”
Schedule them and put them on paper or in your calendar so that you don’t have to think about them.
Get minor decision-making out of the way!
Think about it once and get it out of the way so that you don’t spend so much time on it.


Have a personal philosophy for major decisions:
Recognize what the major decisions are, and what the pros and cons are of making those decisions.
Not all decisions are the same-- some are more impactful than others.
Work on those decisions while you are fresh--the time of day when your mind is at peak.
Block off time in your calendar for doing it, when you have no interruptions or distractions and can fully focus on it to create an outcome.



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