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Have you developed a truly effective marketing message for your CPA practice?  Check these points to be sure:

A Well-Defined Market. More than a few CPA practices have made the error of trying to be all things to all people.  It makes it hard to establish a clear position in any market.  Have you defined your market clearly enough?

Labels Aren’t Descriptions. It’s not enough to merely have a label, like “Jim Smith, CPA”.  You need to focus on the benefit you offer the client.  For example, saving them tax dollars.  What benefit can you bring to your prospects? Have you worked it into your marketing message?

Are You Bragging? How many times have you read an ad for a CPA firm that says “We’re the largest CPA practice in Smithville!” Good for them.  But guess what?  Your prospect doesn’t care about you.  Think instead about what the client is looking for in a CPA, and use that.

Simplified Message. You want your marketing message to be easy to remember.  If you try to make it cover too many things, it will be less memorable and also less believable.  Instead, keep your message uncomplicated.

…But Not Too Simple.  Simple is good, but you don’t want your message to be so short that you’re not really saying anything.  It has to be long enough to convey a specific, meaningful benefit.  Saying that “We’re here to solve all your problems” is way too general.  Tell them exactly what you have to offer.

The Right Media.  Even if your marketing message hits every other point just perfectly, you can still waste money and time by choosing the wrong media for that message.  Identify the best way to get your message to your target market.  Learn where your ideal client is spending his or her time, and find a way to place your message there.

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