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Does your CPA firm send a “welcome packet” to its prospects?

That was probably an easy question to answer.  If you answered “yes”, maybe this next question will be a bigger challenge:

Is your welcome packet boring?

It could be, if you’re doing the exact same thing everyone else is doing.

Well, what are they doing?

I’ve seen a lot of folders.  Nice clean folders with the logo of the CPA firm emblazoned on the front.

I’ve seen lots of folders tidily populated with papers describing “Who We Are”, “What We Do”, “Our Services”.

I’ve seen a lot of fancy, personalized labels: “Prepared exclusively for Jane Doe at the XYZ Company.”

Anything wrong with that?

Nothing, really…except that your prospect probably has a whole drawer full of those folders.  They’re all so much alike, what’s going to make her pick up yours and actually read it?

Instead of just another sleek folder of papers, how about sending your prospect a box chock full of really interesting and useful stuff?

What if the box contained:

  • A personal
  • Testimonials from your other happy clients
  • An audio CD of an interview, with an intriguing title like “The 7 Deadly Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make”
  • A special report titled, “The Ultimate Guide to ____”.
  • A copy of the book you published

Of course, you should also include the basic papers like “Who We Are” and “What We Do”.  But try to spice things up a little.  Most people already think CPAs are complete dullards.  Prove them wrong!

What attention-getting, useful items can you begin including in your welcome packet right away?  What can you work on to include in your packet in the near future?

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