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We say we want to be prosperous and successful in our practices.  After all, who doesn’t want “the good life”, right?

Believe it or not, many practitioners are keeping abundance at bay without even realizing it.  They’re going through life wearing a protective barrier that prevents wealth, accomplishment and well-being from entering their lives and taking root.  Instead, it bounces off their shield and finds a home with someone who’s more open to receiving it.

This barrier, this shield is the product of our own negative, deep-seated beliefs about money.

Think about the role models in your early life.  What did these individuals believe about money?  The things they said about money and the behaviors they demonstrated around it live somewhere in your subconscious.  Do any of these sound familiar?:

“There’s never enough money; it all runs out eventually.”
“When you’re wealthy, people take advantage of you.”
“Aspiring to prosperity makes you a selfish, greedy person.”

If any of these beliefs are lurking in your subconscious (or maybe even in your conscious mind), there’s a good chance they’re standing between you and success.

So how do you shake them?  The first step is recognition.  Take an inventory of beliefs about money that were taught to you by others.  Look at parents, grandparents, older siblings, perhaps even a spouse or early employer.  Next, combat them by cultivating a prosperous mindset.  Here are three suggestions:

  • Attend seminars, classes and workshops on prosperity, abundance and wealth
  • Visualize and affirm your ability to enjoy prosperity in all aspects of your life
  • Surround yourself with prosperous people who already have the positive attitude to which you aspire.

A prosperous mindset encourages day-to-day thoughts and actions that foster the attitude of financial success.  Right now, your life may be the disappointing result of a string of poor decisions influenced by a silent, unseen saboteur curled up at the back of your psyche.  You can evict that troll once and for all, shed your armor, and invite in the success you truly deserve.

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