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There has never been a more challenging time for CPAs to grow a successful practice, with clients doing more in-house, using pre-packaged software and looking everywhere for ways to cut costs. But many CPAs are having their best results ever. In his brand new book titled: “The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy,” Salim Omar, practicing CPA and marketing coach, reveals detailed examples and steps “Genius CPAs” are using to buck the trend and create a CPA practice that doubles the revenue in half the time.

These strategies are proven to work for any CPA, whether they are just starting their practice, an established practitioner looking to reach new heights of success, or are working as a partner or professional in a larger firm.

Salim says “When I see CPA firms struggling, they’ve simply become another commodity just like the rest of the competitors. They haven’t positioned themselves as different and unique.”

There are 3 common mistakes CPAs make when it comes to positioning themselves and their firms:

• Trying to be all things. Most practitioners hesitate to specialize in one area because they are scared to close off other options. But no one can be an expert at everything. The secret is to find an area that is broad enough to appeal to a wide range of people and which keeps open the opportunity to work with them to meet their other needs.
• Waiting for permission. Some CPAs are too shy or modest to position themselves as an expert. It’s almost like they are waiting for someone to tell them it’s okay. They don’t realize the value they can and do provide through their knowledge.
• Not focusing on the audience. It’s tempting for a professional to get bogged down in the technical details. However, to build a personal brand, one must think about their clients and their problems. People are interested in solutions to problems, not the technical steps.

Salim Omar is an accountant with a passion for helping other small business owners and CPAs succeed. In addition to helping his clients build profitable businesses, he is committed to teaching other CPAs how to attract more clients and increase their income, while enjoying their lives more.

His articles have been published nationwide in prestigious industry publications such as Accounting Today, The CPA Journal, and Financial Advisor. Contact Salim Omar for an interview by calling 732-566-3660. More information on Salim’s new book: “The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy” can be viewed at


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