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I want to take the opportunity to share with you a personal experience I had in my own firm years ago:

My cash flow was tight, I was working long hours, I had low-quality clients, and a revolving door of employees.

I really needed change and found myself looking for that “bright, shiny object” to make those changes overnight.

However, I learned that three is no such thing!

I had to change my mindset and remember that small improvements every day result in massive change.

I recently read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and he shares that if you get 1% better each day, you will end up with results that are 37x better after one year.

So as you can see, huge breakthroughs aren’t necessary all of the time!

Think about the small improvements you can make over time-- with your clients, with your team, working on your business-- what is the 1% improvement you will make? How can you make it better?

The moment I applied the above mindset to my practice, it leads to massive transformation in a short period of time.



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