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I was having a chat with Jill Lock, the Director of Marketing at Isdaner & Company, LLC, a CPA firm based in Philadelphia, when we found ourselves talking about our firm newsletters.   Jill said she likes to publish photographs of the firm’s partners alongside the newsletter articles they author.  “It just makes it more personal,” she said.  I agreed.  Seeing the CPA’s face makes a client or prospect feel more closely connected.  In my firm newsletter (see sample here), I take it a step further.  I have realistic cartoon illustrations made of my face, and they appear in every issue, including on the cover.

We provide a very personal service – we handle a client’s money.  It’s an area in which trust is absolutely crucial.   Adding a human face whenever possible helps to nurture that confidence.

I still see CPA practitioner websites without a photo of the owner.  Frankly, that blows my mind.  After all, that’s what we’re selling.  We’re selling ourselves.

So please, if you’re not already doing so, include your photo on your website. And that’s at the very least.  You might also consider inserting a head shot on direct mail literature, or even as part of your e-mail signature.  The same goes for your LinkedIn account.

This is not the time to be shy.  Find a flattering photograph of your face and begin utilizing it.  If you truly can’t find one, have one taken.  I guarantee there are photographers in your community who specialize in head shots for business.

You’ve invested so much in your practice already.  Don’t hinder yourself with the lack of a photo.  It’s a little detail, but one that can make a big difference.  So smile for the camera – you’re on your way up!

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