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salim117Don’t knock yourself out chasing after new clients. It’s expensive, exhaustive, and time-consuming.

Instead, build your practice around attracting clients like a magnet. It’s more effective, and honestly, a lot more fun. Besides, clients who find their own way to your doorstep are more likely to contract more services and pay premium fees.

So how exactly do you become a client magnet?

I’ll get you started with three tools.  Put these tools to work and your phone will light up like it’s the 4th of July.

The first is thought leadership. Thought leadership is really just a fancy way of saying you come up with great ideas. Clients need new ideas to stay competitive, be more profitable, and trim liabilities.  So, if you want to attract new clients, demonstrate your ability to create great solutions.

One way to do this is by creating and delivering valuable free content to your clients and prospects on a regular basis. You might opt to publish a blog, or send out a monthly newsletter via e-mail.  You can build a blog for free at A great resource for publishing and distributing e-newsletters is

The second tool has to do with your problem-solving ability.  Make sure your website is focused on the problem-solving benefits you offer.

Here’s a quick exercise: list ten service features that represent your practice. For example, they might include your years of experience, your membership with the Better Business Bureau, extended weekend hours, etc.  Next, review your list and ask yourself, “How does this feature help my client earn money, save time, and/or save money?” The answers you come up with will be your benefits.

Once you have your list of benefits, look for ways to include them on your website, as well as in your marketing materials, including brochures and advertising.

Finally, you can attract more clients easily through referrals from your already happy clients.  Encouraging referrals is simple – just remind your clients that they will be rewarded for their referrals.  Try setting up a system in your practice for periodically asking for referrals, and offer clients an incentive – something of real value that will motivate their participation.

If you’re offering a gift, give the client several to choose from. If you’re offering one item and it only happens to be a motivator for 10% of your clientele, you’re missing an opportunity to enroll the assistance of the other 90%.


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