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Looking to get better results from your marketing and advertising?  Try stepping outside the boundaries of traditional approaches.

I talk to many CPAs who think just because they’re in a professional business, all of their marketing communications must be “formal”.  They think anything else would be perceived as un-business-like.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

If you subscribe to my Superstar CPA newsletter, no doubt you’ve read my critiques of real-life CPA marketing and advertising materials.  Have you noticed what most of the “before” pieces have in common?  The sales letters, the ads, the banners and business cards…all of them, dry and boring.

Your prospective clients are just like anyone else – they crave a little excitement in their lives.  Anything you can do to make your marketing more fun and interesting will attract their attention.

Start thinking about what you can do to brighten up your marketing materials.  To help get your imagination humming, here are three examples:

  • Lumpy Mail. Do you send out direct mail marketing like a sales letter in an envelope?  Make the package lumpy.  Include something inside that creates bulk, because it’s more likely to get attention.  For example, you could tape an aspirin to the front of the envelope with the saying, “Is your tax bill giving you a headache?”  You can get really creative with the items you include inside a package – anything from a pen to a tennis ball.  The point is, you want to be sure your mail goes into the pile that will actually be read later, rather than into the “junk mail” pile or worse, directly into the trash.
  • Spruce Up Your Digs. Make the experience of coming to your office more pleasant for your clients.  Freshen wall paint, install some new furniture, or build a coffee bar.
  • Advertise Somewhere Different. Be creative with the places where you advertise.  Maybe it’s advertising in a non-business location, or hanging a banner in an unusual place.  With a little brainstorming, you can stretch your advertising dollars by getting great results for less money.

Identify some creative ways to promote your practice.  Invite team members to contribute their two cents.  Ask them to be looking around for ideas, and follow up a week or two later to pick their brains.  You never know where the next brilliant idea will come from.

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