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It pains me to see up-and-coming CPA firms spending lots of money on marketing that is ineffective – and not just because it’s wasteful.  The worst part for me is watching these firm owners getting discouraged when the results of their marketing efforts are less than they hoped for.

I want your marketing experience to be better than that.

Successful promotion of your CPA firm isn’t as simple as placing an ad in the Yellow Pages or local newspaper.  Always try a variety of advertising methods. It might seem like obvious advice, but many firm owners don’t put it into practice.  Try different things.

And even more importantly, monitor the return on your investment. This way, you can learn what works for you and your particular practice, and concentrate your efforts there, while also letting go of the unsuccessful methods.

With a little extra attention to your marketing methods, your CPA practice could experience a huge boost to its bottom line. Give it a try!


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