Posted on: October 16, 2014 Marketing

anonymous chatI’d like for you to imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like if every one of your clients boasted about your practice to everyone they know.

Just think how your business would grow through referrals alone!

It doesn’t have to be a mere figment of your imagination. There are concrete steps you can take toward making this scenario a reality.

Let’s start with brand-new clients. Do you want to create a really great impression? Follow up with new clients within 24 hours of their first interaction with you.

Think about it: most people talk today about what happened today. By tomorrow, your practice is already old news. But there are ways to stay present in your client’s mind beyond that first 24 hours.

For example, make a habit of collecting client e-mail addresses, and send each new client a personal note thanking them for their business.

If, in your interaction with them, you learned something specific about them – about a hobby, perhaps, travel plans, or a beloved grandchild -- make reference to that in your e-mail.

It will let them know the e-mail they’re getting isn’t automated and thoughtless.

And by the way, if you’re sincerely engaging with your client, asking them questions and actually listening to their responses, it shouldn’t be hard to have something specific to refer to!

Another way to cultivate a positive reputation by word-of-mouth is simply by asking for it. Keep your ears open for client compliments.

When you hear one – pounce on it and ask for their help. But stay classy. Say something like, “Thank you so much, Mr. Jones. We’re so happy you’re happy. And please, if you know anyone else who could use our services, we hope you’ll remember to send them to us.”

Never underestimate how quickly this easy technique can grow your practice. You might be surprised how often truly happy clients love to talk about their positive experience with others – especially in a time when great customer service seems like a quaint thing of the past.

I’ll see you next time.

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