Welcome to the CPA Success SuperConference Recordings page!

It is our mission to help CPA practice owners attract high quality clients, create a high performing team of professionals, increase revenue, and have more freedom! (financially and personally) and it is live events like the SuperConference that help us do that.

NOW is the time to dig into the sessions and explore the possibilities of the places your practice can go.

If you have any questions or issues please send our Support Team an email at bree@cpamarketinggenius.com


Where to start?

Begin by downloading your very own 'Implementation Guide'. This is a 118 page guide to follow along with the presentations from the Superconference. Included in the guide are various activities, questions for you to answer, and worksheets to help you dig deeper into the most lucrative parts of your firm.

This guide is also a place for you to take not es throughout the recordings so that you can implement the strategies shared throughout the SuperConference in your practice!

CPA SuperConference Presentations

Lead Your Firm to Greatness with Salim Omar, CPA


Making Front Row Moments with Jon Vroman


Grow Your Firm the Right Way By Salim Omar, CPA


Creating Magic Moments with Jeff Kaylor


Stop Accepting Less Than You're Worth By Salim Omar, CPA


Finding Your Creative Genius with Samantha Bennett


Redefining Accountability with Sam Silverstein

Don't Forget Your Bonuses!

  1. If you have any lingering questions about the strategies shared, unsure of how to implement them in your practice and what they would actually look like, don't hesitate to email Bree@cpamarketinggenius.com to schedule your Implementation Strategy Session.

  2. If you have not had the opportunity to experience a live event with me, I HIGHLY encourage you to to CLAIM your FREE tickets to my 5 City Tour (Colorado, TX, Toronto, New Jersey, and San Diego) See dates here and email Bree with the location you will be attending.