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surveyOne thing successful CPA practices have in common is this: they actively seek client feedback. Gathering input from your clients is a valuable exercise in so many ways.

For example, client feedback can help you break through your own blind spots about what’s working in your practice and what isn’t. It can also help you discover innovative ways to serve your clients that put you ahead of the competition. And positive client feedback can help grow your practice in the form of testimonials.

One way to gather client input is by conducting client satisfaction surveys. In fact, the mere act of issuing a survey says to your client, we care about you, your opinions and your needs, and we’re the kind of firm that’s committed to never-ending improvement.

The best time to conduct a client satisfaction survey is when the client’s interactions with your practice are still fresh in their mind. I like to conduct my surveys just after tax season.

You can send out a customer survey via e-mail, using a free service like Survey Monkey dot com. You can also mail clients a questionnaire and include a self-addressed stamped envelope, making it easier for them to respond. Alternatively, you can designate someone from your team to ask the survey questions by phone.

Now perk up your ears, because this part is really important: when a client gives you a rave review, take the opportunity to ask them for a written testimonial. Testimonials provide social proof. In other words, they help people who’ve never used your firm to feel more confident about hiring you, because they can see that others have already taken that chance, and wound up happy. The best testimonials are specific rather than general and vague.

So once you have a good collection of glowing testimonials, what can you do with them? You can post them on your website. Use them in your marketing materials. Maybe even print one or two on the back of your business card. Be creative.

Tell me how you’ve used customer satisfaction surveys, testimonials, or both to build your practice. Leave your comment here on this page. Check back with us on July 9th for fresh wisdom from a new blog post.

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