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The successful online marketing of your CPA practice requires a commitment of both time and money, neither of which is anything to sneeze at.  That’s why you should always be on the look-out for ways to give yourself a better return on your investment.

That means it’s absolutely essential that you track and measure the results of your marketing efforts.

For example, many practice owners I meet have no idea what results they’re getting from their websites.  And without any measurable data, you can’t possibly know whether your marketing efforts are performing well, or need some tweaking.

Think about this: if you know that 30 out of every 100 people who visit your website sign up for your e-mail list, then you can take action to improve on that figure.  You can think of and implements ways to get the number of sign-ups to 50, 60 or more.  You may even set a number goal to work toward.

The idea of tracking your efforts might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  For starters, try keeping a record of these numbers on a monthly basis:

  • How many people are visiting your website
  • How long your visitors stay on your website
  • Which pages do they visit
  • How many visitors sign up for your e-mail list
  • How people came to your website (by using a search engine, a link on another site, etc.)
  • What keywords and phrases people are typing into search engines to reach your site

These pieces of data are what are known collectively as “analytics”.  They’re endlessly valuable in understanding how people are finding you and using your site.

Most web hosting companies provide some degree of analytics that you can access for free.  You can also install free tracking software such as Google Analytics which will provide a rich data profile you can use to plan your future marketing.

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