Posted on: October 21, 2021 Client Attraction, CPA practice development, Customer Service, Grow CPA practice


Tax season is a great opportunity to get online reviews (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) from your clients. In fact, getting online reviews will be helpful in attracting new clients to your practice.

Whenever you get a new client, ask where they heard about you. Many of my clients have learned about me through my reviews-- it’s one of the first places that they search.

When evaluating whether or not to work with you, most prospective clients will want to know what others have said about you and your firm. So, by asking your current clients if they would be open to leaving a review and then providing them the link, you open the door for new business.

In my firm, we ask clients several times for reviews:

When their tax return is done. Once completed, we give them the results and then leave them the link to where they can leave a review.

When their return is processed. At the moment we collect a payment, we ask them over the phone to leave a review.

During follow-up. After the above are completed, we follow up with an email and provide them the link to leave a review.

If you don’t currently have any reviews for your practice, make a goal for yourself to get “X” number of reviews over the next month or so. If you do have reviews, make a goal for yourself to get “X” more reviews.

The more reviews you have for your practice, the more confidence your current and prospective clients will have in you.

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