Posted on: September 04, 2009 Marketing, Sales and Marketing

You can provide the best accounting and tax services but if are not able to attract qualified clients to your CPA practice, your practice will stagnate.

Here’s what’s important.

The mental shift from “doer of the task” (doing accounting work, preparing tax returns, performing the analysis, etc.) to “promoter of your practice” (marketing your services) is vital if you plan on taking your practice to the next level.

I would say that over 99% of CPA practitioners do not make this mental jump from “I provide accounting services for a living” to “I market my CPA practice for a living.”

The CPA practitioner “doer” sees his or her role of providing their accounting/tax services as their primary role. The “marketing minded” CPA practitioner sees acquiring clients, retaining them and maximizing their total client value as their primary role.

Once I realized this, I started paying more attention to it and I began to see significant changes.

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